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  • All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 7 dinners are included. The food provided covers a variety of traditional Finnish dishes going back 50 years using recipes from forestry camps. You can expect hearty warming meals using local ingredients and cooked by the cabin host. Breakfast will be continental style, with bread, cheese, turkey, porridge, muesli and yoghurt. Lunch will consist of warm soup and bread; the soup ingredients change daily and you can expect a wide range of local produce like Elk, vegetables and Salmon. The evening dinner will consist of traditional meat and fish dishes with vegetables, fresh salad and dessert. A vegetarian option is also available. Between 8am – 6pm there will be hot tea and coffee available at the logging lodge and at Russian End. 


  • Cycling
  • Off-Road Cyling
  • Off-Road Cycling
  • 1

    Start Logging Lodge by Basecamp Oulanka

    Start at Basecamp Oulanka for the first briefing and to visit the kit room to collect all the clothing needed for a week of fat biking in arctic conditions. Depending on the arrival time we may have dinner here or later when we arrive at the Logging Lodge in Oulanka National Park.

  • 2

    Wilderness skills session and an introduction to fat biking on snow.

    In the morning we are provided with our bikes for a week spent in arctic conditions. We spend the day not far from the Logging Lodge, firstly with an introduction to fat biking and wilderness skills in the forest or in a larger clearing on the edge of the forest. In summer this is used as a gravel pit, and whilst that may not sound hugely appealing, a healthy dose of snow in winter turns it into a wide open area with a few ups and downs, perfect for getting easing back into the swing of things. Lunch today is taken back at the Logging Lodge. We aim to have a few hours practice in both the morning and afternoon.

  • 3

    Cycle over frozen rivers and along the Russian border to a remote wilderness lodge.

    In the morning we will be given a drysack (max. 6kg) to pack up all the equipment, clothes and essentials we might need for the next two nights. The drysacks will then be taken on to the Russian End cabin via snowmobile meaning we only need to carry the items for that days' ride. Once packed we get on the bikes and ride east following the River Oulanka, there are some small ascents and fun descents. After our break we have a short ride to the Russia border, we follow this all the way to our cabin which is situated on the River Oulanka. Once at the Russian End cabin we will have a hot lunch and some free time to enjoy the sauna, go for a walk to the river or head out on a self-guided ride. 

  • 4

    Fat bike exploration along the Russian border; climb to a viewpoint for spectacular views over Lake Paanajärvi.

    After breakfast, we have a loop ride south following the River Oulanka and the Russian/Finnish border to the beautiful viewpoint which overlooks Lake Paanajärvi on the Russian side, a wonderful spot from which to admire the natural surroundings. Our ride back takes us through forest inhabited by Elk so there is a high chance of seeing one. In the evening we can relax in the traditional Finnish sauna and head out to the frozen river for an amazing view of the night sky. 

  • 5

    Ride across a vast pine trees forest back to the Logging Lodge.

    Today we pack up our kit for the return journey to the Logging Lodge, we ride through the biggest destructed area by elks in Europe. We then stop at the reindeer roundup before rejoining the same route as day three in reverse. Once back at the Logging Lodge we have lunch followed by a free afternoon for relaxing in the sauna or heading out on a self-guided ride. 

  • 6

    Free day optional activities.

    Free day to enjoy a variety of optional activities on offer today including unguided snowshoeing or dogsledding. An introduction to snowshoeing is required if you wish to do this today to explain how to use the equipment (if you do night snowshoeing earlier on in the week that will be your introduction to snowshoeing). 

  • 7

    Cycle across frozen rivers and through the Oulanka N.P.

    Today we set off into the wilderness for our longest day of the trip. We head north along the Oulanka River venturing further into the National Park. Our route starts by crossing Oulanka River before heading into the thick woodland of the Oulanka National Park, there are some undulations on this route and a few short sections which need to be pushed up, though the descents make this effort well worthwhile! We explore the habitat of the Golden Eagle and Wolverine, if we are lucky we might even spot one. We have lunch along the way on the trail. Then we ride back to the Logging Lodge for dinner and time for a final sauna.

  • 8

    End Logging Lodge

    Our trip ends at the Logging Lodge.  Lunch is included for clients booked on the group flights for departures from Dec. 24th to Feb. 11th (included) due to a later inbound flight time.

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