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  • All breakfasts and 1 dinner included, allowing the option to try some local restaurants on the other evenings. Water is included on cycling days. Many Mexican dishes are already known and loved around the world but you will also encounter lots of new delicious dishes on this trip. Each day the guide will suggest local dishes specific to the area that we are in, for example pollo pibil from Merida cooked in a banana leaf, and the grilled grouper in Tulum.


  • Cycling
  • Road Cycling
  • 1

    Start Cancun.

    Fly to Cancun; transfer to family-run hotel in Cancun. *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 2

    Boat to Isla Mujeres and cycle around the island.

    The day starts with a bike fitting which will take place adjacent to the hotel. Once everyone is ready to go we set off on a short ride to Puerto Juarez from where we’ll be taken by boat to Isla Mujeres (the Island of Women). We enjoy a leisurely cycle around this beautiful island and have a swim or spend some time relaxing on the beach. In the afternoon we will return to the mainland and there is time to go off and explore downtown Cancun should you wish.  *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 3

    Drive to Merida; city tour and free time.

    This morning we transfer after breakfast to the bustling colonial city of Merida (approx. 3 hour drive). Our guide will give us an interesting historical overview of the Yucatan region and take us on a tour of the city featuring the markets and the governor’s palace. Many of the buildings in Merida were constructed using stones from the Mayan city which existed on the site and these are still visible in the walls of the imposing cathedral. There is free time this afternoon and a great choice of restaurants after the sun sets. *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 4

    Ride from Merida to Izamal.

    Today is our first proper day on the road and in the saddle! For the next few days we will enjoy cycling down quiet backroads and passing through occasional Mayan villages, plus visits to various cenotes in the coming days (picturesque sink holes to underground rivers). The terrain is flat and the riding is fairly easy going but we will be covering some large distances nevertheless. From Merida we cycle to the delightful town of Izamal, also known as La Ciudad Amarilla (The Yellow City), due to the colour of its buildings. Izamal was an important worship centre for the ancient Mayas. Here we’ll explore the pyramids that were devoted to the gods and take in a 360 degree view across the surrounding jungle. We’ll also have the opportunity to visit the impressive monastery built by the Spanish colonists in the main square.  *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 5

    Cycle to Chichen Itza; tour of the archeological site.

    Back on our bikes, we make our way across a flat landscape towards one of the largest Mayan ceremonial centres at Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The impressive El Castillo Pyramid sits in the middle of the site and is surrounded by temples, palaces and ball courts. The leader will give us a tour of the whole site. Nearby, we will stop to visit the Cenote Sagrado ('Sacred Well'), dredged in the early 20th Century and found to contain precious gold, silver and jade artifacts as well as the remains of sacrifice victims. Our hotel for the night is located close by. *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 6

    Cycle to colonial town of Valladolid.

    Today we ride from Chichen Itza to Valladolid passing through yet more picturesque Mayan villages, where locals still speak their ancestors’ language. We have some time to explore the beautiful colonial architecture of Valladolid before heading to a nearby cenote (natural sinkholes in the limestone bedrock that reveal crystal clear underground lagoons and rivers) to cool off after another day in which we cover a large distance.  *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 7

    Ride to Coba; visit ruins and swim in a cenote (natural sinkhole); drive to Tulum on the Caribbean coast.

    Continuing eastwards, we ride to the archeological site of Coba and afterwards stop for a refreshing swim in the nearby Tamcach Ha cenotes. Once in Coba, we climb to the top of the tallest Mayan pyramid in Mexico and enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding scenery. We then drive to the fantastic beach community of Tulum, which will be our picturesque home for the next 3 nights. Just outside the town lies one of the most photographed sites in the Yucatan; the ruins of an ancient Mayan city that overlook the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.  *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 8

    Ride Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve coastal path; drive to Tulum ruins.

    From our beachfront hotel we’ll head towards Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve on a coastal road (there may be sections of unpaved road) in a southerly direction. Along the way we'll learn from our guide the importance of protected areas in Mexico and all about the ecosystems and wildlife of the Sian Kaan Reserve. This area is home to an incredible variety of habitats and over 300 species of birds. Today we have also included a boat trip in which you will encounter the mangroves and learn more about the reserve. Afterwards we will cycle back towards the archeological site of Tulum, where Caribbean and Mayan culture blend into beautiful landscapes. The Tulum site has some impressive buildings. The most famous buildings in the complex are the ruins that overlook the lapping waves of the Caribbean, but there are also several temples, ritual platforms and houses to be explored. In common with many other Mayan cities, the whole site is surrounded by a huge defensive wall.  *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 9

    Free day at the beach in Tulum; optional marine wildlife activities.

    Today is a free day, and you may wish to spend your time swimming in the Caribbean and relaxing on a golden sand beach. If you prefer to do an extra optional activity on this day then speak to your leader the night before and they will help to arrange and book something for you. There are several possibilities for marine excursions (dependent upon availability and time of year). *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 10

    Transfer to Cancun airport; end.

    We depart Tulum and transfer to Cancun Airport where the trip ends. **

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