Uitgebreide reisroute van de Internationale groepsreis Galapagos Encounter - Archipel I (Itinerary C)
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    • Seven nights aboard Archipel I exploring the Galapagos Islands. Incredible wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities with near-tame animals. High chance of spotting: Booby colonies, Great and American frigatebird, Flightless cormorant, Galapagos penguin, Green Sea turtle, Galapagos Giant tortoise, Whitetip reef shark, Marine iguanas. Fantastic on-board service with experienced naturalist guide Small group - a maximum of 16 clients on board 
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    Start Quito.

    Land Only clients should aim to arrive at the hotel this afternoon/evening. Free transfers are available for all clients. A local guide will welcome you to Quito and explain the schedule for the next few days.Accommodation: Hotel Casona de la Ronda (or similar)

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    Discover Quito at your leisure.

    Today is free to relax, recover from the flight and explore the fascinating city of Quito. Quito is the second highest capital in the world, standing at 2,850m on the western cordillera of the Andes. It is one of the smaller and more attractive of the colonial capitals of South America. Because of the altitude visitors to Quito are advised to take it easy at first.Accommodation: Hotel Casona de la Ronda (or similar)

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    Fly to San Cristobal Airport & Interpretation Centre

    Morning Fly to Galapagos: Transfer to Quito Airport and fly to San Cristobal Airport in the Galapagos Islands. Upon arrival to the Islands, you will pass through the airport inspection point to make sure that no foreign plant or animals are introduced to the island, and to pay the National Park Entrance Fee. Your guide will meet you, help you collect your luggage and escort you on a short bus ride to the harbour where a dinghy will be waiting to take you to the yacht.Afternoon Interpretation Centre:  The Interpretation Centre gives a perfect explanation of this unique archipelago. Its exhibition helps you learn what makes this archipelago so unique. Information panels, pictures, documents, maquettes, and dioramas tell background and conservation stories about the islands.Accommodation: Archipel I

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    South Plaza & Sante Fe

    Morning South Plaza: Popular South Plaza is not to be missed! This bizarre 'Jurassic islet' is the best place to see the emblematic 'Galapagos dragons', which crawl across it. Afternoon Sante Fe: Sante Fe is another crown jewel of the Galapagos, where the pale Barrington land iguana and practically every other creature is unique to the archipelago or this island alone. Accommodation: Archipel I

  • 5

    North Seymour & Chinese Hat

    Morning North Seymour: North Seymour is another highlight of your cruise. In the archipelago’s most extensive seabird breeding colony you can walk just a short distance from frigatebirds and Blue-footed boobies.Afternoon Chinese Hat: Though recently born out of the fire the volcanic islet Chinese Hat does not appear to be any more inhospitable than Bartolomé and lunatic Sullivan Bay. This tiny, rusty-coloured islet just begins to sprout. You arrive just in time to witness the next chapter about colonisation by pioneers!Accommodation: Archipel I

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    Santa Cruz Island

    Morning  El Chato Reserve - Twin Craters: El Chato Reserve is a protected area and official part of the Galapagos National Park. It extends from Cerro El Chato as far down as the southwestern coast of Santa Cruz Island, where females lay their eggs.Afternoon Fausto Llerena Breeding Center: A tour at Fausto Llerena Breeding Center you can see the tortoises of Española Island, ending in the tortoise exhibit corral. Tortoises of this corral are accustomed to humans; it is an excellent spot to be photographed with them!Accommodation: Archipel I

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    Isabela Island

    Morning Moreno Point: Fresh, promising greens of pioneer vegetation contrasts strongly with the dead, pitch-black lava flow that once reached the ocean at Moreno Point.Afternoon Elizabeth Bay: At the remote Elizabeth Bay you will enjoy the best dinghy-ride of the Galapagos, which combines a visit to the Marielas Islets in the mouth of the bay, with the highest mangles in its innermost heart.Accommodation: Archipel I

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    Isabela & Fernandina Islands

    Morning Tagus Cove (Isabela): Tagus Cove is a historical anchorage at the northern entrance of Bolivar Channel (between Isabela and Fernandina).Afternoon Espinoza Point (Fernandina): Westernmost Fernandina harbours one of the world's most virgin, untouched ecosystems, and is another crown jewel of the Galapagos.Accommodation: Archipel I

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    Santiago & Rabida Islands

    Morning Puerto Egas (Santiago): Puerto Egas is historical, and the favourite site on Santiago for wildlife lovers; and it’s even the best place in the archipelago to observe Galapagos Fur seals.Afternoon Rabida: Upon landing at this remarkable red beach, you will usually be greeted by a large bachelor colony of Galapagos Sea lions.Accommodation: Archipel I

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    Disembark Santa Cruz; fly Baltra to Guayaquil and end.

    Morning Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz): Strolling along its coastline, the blinding white Bachas Beach appears full of natural life. It is one of the most important breeding sites for Pacific Green turtles.Afternoon transfer out to Baltra Airport: Assisted by the naturalist guide and some crew members, the dinghy will bring you and your luggage to Baltra, where we will take the airport shuttle. From here we fly to Guayaquil where it's possible to connect with international flights this evening from 6pm onwards.

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