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My name is Isak Iskandar, many people from Europe called me Alex, they said my name is difficult for them. They said Alex is the same like Alexander but only the begininng ofcourse. Alex is more familiair name than my real name Isak Iskandar.

I have a lot of experience in being a guide most of the experience is happiness. I do know a lot about the culture, social life of the people, the tradion of the people, historic of the country, art and so.

I like to meet new people and other nation and I also like to learn the language  We could learn about technology, about economy and so on. We can talk about everything. I like to give you information about the country and make you enjoy you visit.

I like my country because our country is very beautiful and also our country does have a very nice culture. We have everything here.  I am very proud to talk about my country. If we compare with the other country we don't have any country like Indonesia, we have a lot of small Island it is very beautiful like Raja Ampat and others small island.

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