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  • All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 7 dinners included.  The food provided covers a variety of traditional Finnish dishes going back 50 years using recipes from forestry camps. Breakfast will be continental, with bread, cheese, turkey, porridge, muesli and yoghurt available. Lunch will consist of warm soup, bread, cheeses, sausages, hot tea and biscuits. In the evening dinner will consist of traditional meat and fish dishes with vegetables and dessert. A vegetarian option also available.


  • Winter
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Northern Lights
  • 1

    Start Logging Lodge by Basecamp Oulanka.

    Start at Basecamp Oulanka for the first briefing and to visit the kit room to collect all the clothing needed for a week of cross-country skiing in arctic conditions. Depending on the arrival time we may have dinner here or later when we arrive at the Logging Lodge in Oulanka National Park. **

  • 2

    Morning wilderness skills session. Easy Introduction day to cross- country skiing.

    Our first day is spent reacquainting ourselves with cross-country skiing. Before starting we get an introduction from the leader about what to expect skiing in the wilderness. We spend the day not far from the Logging Lodge, either practising on circuits cut for us in the forest or in a larger clearing on the edge of the forest. In summer this is used as a gravel pit, and whilst that may not sound hugely appealing, a healthy dose of snow in winter turns it into a wide open area with a few ups and downs, perfect for getting back into the swing of things. Lunch today is taken back at the Logging Lodge. We aim to have a few hours of practice in both the morning and afternoon to get our ski legs back. In the evening we are given dry sacks to fill with the belongings we’ll need for the nights spent at the Russian Border. These are then packed onto the trailer and taken by snowmobile in the morning to our destination.

  • 3

    Ski east towards the Russian border.

    The goal today is the log cabin known as the ‘Russian End’, on the banks of the Oulanka River, close to the border. After the briefing, we set off through the forest enjoying the tranquillity of the Finnish winter landscape. On the way, we stop for a snack and a warm drink. Eventually, we come to the edge of the Border Zone with Russia, often a nice photo stop, before heading on to our cosy home for the next two nights. The total distance is around 11km and we aim to arrive by mid-afternoon depending on conditions. Those that wish can accompany our second leader down to the river to collect some ice which we’ll use for a well-deserved sauna or undertake further skiing if there is time. This location has no light pollution so there is a fantastic chance in the evening of seeing the Northern Lights in all their glory if the conditions are right.

  • 4

    Return trip to a wonderful viewpoint at Saunavaara, reach a viewpoint for spectacular views over Lake Paanajarvi.

    After a night in splendid isolation, we awake to a warm breakfast and prepare for our day tour. The route takes us first across the river and uses initially some forest roads, again skirting the border and eventually to the beautiful viewpoint which overlooks Lake Paanajärvi on the Russian side, a wonderful spot from which to admire the natural surroundings. Our way back takes us through forest inhabited by Elk so there is a high chance of seeing one. In the evening we can relax in the traditional Finnish sauna and head out to the frozen river for an amazing view of the night sky.

  • 5

    Ski back through the forest to the Logging Lodge visiting the reindeer round-up place.

    Today we pack up our kit for the return journey to the Logging Lodge then head out on the skis. We pass a Reindeer herders pen where we will stop and look for the reindeer which wander freely in the area before stopping for a hot drink and snack break. Once back at the Logging Lodge there is a free afternoon for relaxing in the sauna. Extra skiing opportunities may be available if we arrive ahead of schedule. The total time this route takes can vary greatly according to conditions and group proficiency.

  • 6

    Free day for optional activities.

    Free day. There are a variety of optional activities on offer today including the new and increasingly popular winter activity – fat biking; explore the winter wonderland with specially made bicycles with ultrawide tires that can run easily on the snow at very low pressure. Alternatively, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also available near the Logging Lodge. For those looking to go further afield why not try the Arctic Husky Safari.  

  • 7

    Final day ski along the Juhtivaara Fell. Farewell dinner by open fire

    Today we set off into the wilderness for our longest day of the trip. Our route starts by heading north into the forest following a trail beneath the Juhtivaara fell. There are some undulations on this route, though the effort is well worthwhile! We explore the habitat of the Wolverine and Golden Eagle; if we are lucky we might even spot one. We have lunch along the way on the trail. Then we ski back to the Logging Lodge for an outdoor farewell dinner and in time for a final sauna.

  • 8

    End Logging Lodge

    The trip will end at the Logging Lodge.  Lunch is included for clients booked on the group flights for departures from Dec. 24th to Feb. 11th (included) due to a later inbound flight time.

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