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Deze route is nog niet definitief en kunnen nog wijzigingen in voorkomen.

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    Start Harriniva; overnight in log cabins.

    Start Harriniva, Muonio; overnight in log cabins.

  • 2

    Morning instruction, followed by 30km tour through the forests of Muonio to Matinkamppa.

    In the morning we take a short walk to the Arctic sleddog centre where we we meet our friendly huskies for the first time. After a short instruction of the basic principles of mushing, we pack our sleds and ready ourselves for the 5-day expedition into the wilderness. As we set off from Muonio, signs of human activity become less and less, and by the time we reach our spot for lunch by an open fire all thoughts of city life is quickly forgotten. Passing through the snow-covered forests of the Muonio territory our 30km journey eventually brings us to the first wilderness hut called Matinkamppa. Before enjoying the sauna and the roaring fire, our guide will explain the importance of looking after the dogs first and will show us how to feed them and settle them down for the night.

  • 3

    40 km tour passing through Vuontisjarvi forest. Overnight in the moose hunter's cabin in Juutilainen.

    Today we are given full control of our dogs as we harness them ourselves for the 40km mush ahead. The route takes us further away from Muonio and towards the border of the Pallas-Yllas National Park. En route we will cross great frozen lakes and pass through the ancient Vuontisjarvi forest. Heading deeper still into the wilderness the sled tracks start to become a little more challenging before finally reaching our cabin for the night in Juutilainen, known locally as the 'moose hunter's cabin'.

  • 4

    Mush through Pallas-Yllas National park, the oldest national park in Finland.

    Using a simple reindeer track carved through the snow by the local herdsmen, today's route takes us into the oldest national park in Finland, the Pallas-Yllas National Park. The primeval forest that defines this stunning region is not only home to a wide variety of wildlife but also boasts the cleanest air in all of Europe. As we glide silently through the narrow tracks the surrounding fells create a dramatic backdrop to this memorable day. As we arrive at Saukko-oja cabin for the night, the day culminates with a fantastic view over the Ruototunturi Fells, whose peak is the meeting point of the Muonio and Enontekio municipality.

  • 5

    Dogsled across the border to Enontekio territory; overnight in Tervkumpu wilderness cabin.

    Today our trails take us briefly across the municipality border into the Enonteko territory before returning back into Muonio. On the way to our cabin, called Tervakumpu, we will pass across the largest swamp area of the region, which covered in snow creates a stunning unique landscape.

  • 6

    Final day of dogsledding with a 35km tour back to Arctic sleddog centre in Muonio.

    On this final day of dogsledding we take a 35km route back towards civilisation. As we near the arctic sleddog centre once more the tracks begin to widen and the dogs get a whiff that they are now on the home straight. A ripple of energy and excitement suddenly grips the pack as their home comes into view. Once back at the centre we unharness our dogs for the last time and bid a final farewell to our four-legged companions.

  • 7

    Free day optional activities from Harriniva.

    Free day to enjoy a variety of optional activities on offer today including unguided cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, dogsledding or snowmobile safaris.

  • 8

    End Harriniva.

    End Harriniva, Muonio.

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