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    Any tips for the summit attempt on Mont Blanc?

    Definitely have your heels taped up as you don't want blisters on this day. The summit day will be about 13 hours and you'll almost certainly need mittens - they keep your hands a lot warmer than ski gloves. If its windy up there, ski goggles are essential - sunglasses aren't good enough in high winds.  Have your camera kept warm in a fleece pocket as it may not work in the cold.

    Olly Leicester - Sales


    What are the mountain huts like?

    After trekking in high winds across mountaintops, they are truly welcome.  They're not as most comfortable as hotels but are better than tents!  They can be noisy at nights (people wandering in and out of the dorms, and people snoring!) so ear plugs are essential if you want a good night's sleep.  The evening meals that are served are proper winter warmers which will fuel you up ready for another hard day in the mountains!

    Olly Leicester - Sales


    How qualified is the guide for the ascent?

    The training is undertaken by a professional High Mountain Guide, with a ratio of one guide between six clients for days 2-5, Additional guides will join us on days 6 and 7 for the attempt on Mont Blanc; here the ratio will be 1:2. You will meet your guide on the first evening for an introductory, informal meeting/briefing.

    Olly Leicester - Sales


    Do I need to take both Swiss Francs and Euros?

    It’s not necessary to take both currencies as the places we visit in Switzerland will take Euros. However, you may not get a particularly favourable Euro/ Swiss Franc exchange rate, but you won't be spending much when over the border so the difference is minimal.

    Katarzyna Crompton - Customer Operations


    Tips from staff who have done the Mont Blanc Ascent

    Clothing - it's regular trekking gear, so breathable layers, thermal underwear, walking socks, warm hat, waterproof rucksack cover, water bottles or hydration system and so on.


    Money - About €200 will cover the lifts up the mountain, and drinks as well. I think I spent about €160 or so altogether.


    Kit - a liner or sleeping sheet is a good idea, justs puts something bewteen you and the blankets. The walking pole was essential, as you lean on it a lot going up - walking poles are important on this trek.  My guide always used them.  Either both at the same time, or sometimes one pole in one hand and ice axe in the other.
    The equipment in  Chamonix is of a good standard as you hire from the local op direct and he's a very experienced mountaineer. There won't be a shortage of equipment and all shoe sizes are catered for.

    I would also definitely take along a water bottle, a lot of people use camel bacs (keeping hands free) but they do freeze on the summit day as the temperature can be as cold as minus 20 degrees before the sun rises. They are fine to use for most days of this trip, but not for the summit day so you should take bottles. 


    The ascent - It's not a particularly technical climb but I found it very tough in terms of effort. Saying that, finding it tough didn't make it un-doable, just tiring!  The ascent day was the hardest, we were walking for about 14 hours or so. The first few hours in the dark were very tough, and you need to be prepared for this, walking in freezing temperatures at night with a head torch. They take it slowly but it takes it out of you.

    It's also the elements, wind blowing across, snow, the gear weighing you down and the steep angle you walk at - not to be underestimated.


    General - Earplugs are always a good idea when sharing rooms!


    Olly Leicester - Web Sales Team Leader


    Exodus staff - expertise on hand to help

    All the staff at Exodus share a passion for adventure travel, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find an expert for the area you are interested in here and can contact them to get further information. If you don't see your specific country listed, please email customerops@exodus.co.uk and they will get the answers you need!


    How do I join the Departure Lounge (forum) in the Exodus Community?

    To view the Forums, including the Departure Lounge, you do not need to be member of the Exodus Community, simply click on the Community link at the top of every page and read the posts in their respective sections by entering the Departure Lounge, or one of the other options in the list on the page.

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    When viewing the Forum area of the website, as you scroll through the 'Rooms' which are set out by 'travel months' during the current year within the Departure Lounge. You can then select the 'month' of intended travel, then filter the list of trips that have already been created by fellow travellers to see if your trip is listed. If the trip you are travelling on is not in the list, you can start the process by clicking on the 'Post new forum topic' link above the list on the same page. If you do see your trip within the list, select it to view the 'discussion' by your fellow travellers and you can join in by completing the 'Post your comment' section below the discussion thread.

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    Are 2017 dates and prices available?

    Our experts can access lots of 2017 departures now, and we’ll be loading them on here soon. Meanwhile, you can call, email or use live chat to check 2017 dates, prices, availability and to book.


    How do I compare trips for my next adventure?

    To compare trips for consideration, you can add them to your 'Shortlist'.

    During your search for your next adventure you can save 'holidays' to your Shortlist and compare trips. For this to work correctly, you must be signed in during your 'user session'; i.e. during your time on the Exodus website. These will then be saved in your account (don't have an Exodus website account?  Sign up now!).

    The Shortlist menu item (top of every page) only appears when holidays are added. Adding holidays can be done by clicking on the 'Add to shortlist' with the 'Heart' symbol on any 'Holiday' page above the 'At a Glance' section, or in the 'holiday' panels within Search Results pages, or in the 'You might also like...' section at the foot of the trip page viewed. The selected holidays will be saved into your account for consideration and can be removed there, as well as from the 'compare trips' page from the menu link located at the top of every page.

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