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    Start Calvi.

    Start in Calvi, where we have time to explore this beautiful town independently. Accommodation: Hotel **

  • 2

    Transfer to Calenzana and walk to Bonifatu.

    Transfer to Calenzana, south east of Calvi, a quiet little village surrounded by the olive trees that are native to the area. This is our start point for the walk up to Bonifatu. Our route takes in several river crossings and offers some great views over the characterful towns of Balagne. This offers an excellent warm up for the GR20 and gives us our first glimpse of the Corsican coast. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx 4h00 Altitude gain: +800m / Altitude Loss: -540 **

  • 3

    A long but rewarding walk from Bonifatu to Haut Asco.

    After breakfast we leave Bonifatu and tackle one of the longest sections of the GR20. River crossings are again a feature, before we reach the famous Spasimata footbridge. The setting here is quite dramatic, as the bridge is 30 metres in length and suspended above a waterfall, offering a fantastic photo opportunity. Using fixed cables we head over the Spasimata slabs and arrive in the Muvrella (Mouflon) Valley, where the passes provide some excellent viewpoints of a region home to a large population of Mouflons which we may spot during the week. Our destination is the foot of Monte Cinto, the highest summit in Corsica, where we spend the night. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx. 8h00 Altitude gain: +1300m / Altitude loss: -598m. **

  • 4

    Walk to Lac d'Argentu.

    Today you can choose either to rest and relax, or to walk to Lac d'Argentu (2400m), a beautiful glacial lake at the foot of the north face of Monte Cinto with great views of the mountain itself, and return to Haut Asco for the night. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx 6h Altitude gain: +980m Altitude loss: -980 **

  • 5

    Walk the Monte Cinto route to the sheepfolds of Vallone via the Pointe des Eboulis.

    The new GR20 route, following the closure of the Cirque de la Solitude in 2015, takes us just below Monte Cinto (about 45minutes below the summit) and onto the sheepfolds of Vallone. The route involves a little bit of scrambling; it is not too technical but it is a long day with considerable amount of altitude gain and loss. Due to the length of the day, the actual ascent to the summit of Monte Cinto (2706m) is only possible for very strong groups if the weather conditions are good enough (the decision to summit is left to the discretion of the leader). Accommodation: Tent Luggage: no access to main luggage Walking: approx. 11h Altitude gain: +1250m / Altitude loss: -1230m. **

  • 6

    Climb to the Refuge Ciotulu I Mori; descend by the Golo River.

    After waking up to views of the surrounding mountains, the day begins with a gentle walk through a forest of giant Laricio pines before a long rocky climb up the Bocca di Fuciale. The climb is soon rewarded as we head up and over the saddle towards the Ciotulu I Mori Refuge, beneath the distinctive Paglia Orba peak. From here there are great views down towards the Golo Valley. At this point the path becomes much easier as we wind our way down the valley, past the many rock pools on the Golo River, which are perfect for a quick dip. The final stretch takes us back through the woods and up to Castel di Verghio. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx. 6h 15 Altitude gain: +971m / Altitude loss: -1017m **

  • 7

    Continue through the woods to Lac Nino.

    Our route today is relatively long, but is a real treat. Leaving Verghio the route gradually climbs out of the shadows of the lush forest. The morning's effort is rewarded by the descent to one of the best known lakes in Corsica, Lac de Nino, complete with its little ponds (pozzines). The setting is superb, with views of the mountains often complemented by the grazing horses, cows and pigs that often visit the lake. The path continues to follow the river and bathing pools, leading us to one of the most attractive refuges on the island. Accommodation: Refuge Luggage: no access to main luggage Walking: approx. 7h 20 hours Altitude gain: +869m / Altitude loss: -1040m **

  • 8

    Swim in a natural pool; walk alongside the Tavignano River to Corte.

    After tearing ourselves away from the natural pools near the refuge, we make our way down the Tavignano gorge, to Corte. This stage offers more opportunities en route for bathing in the crystal clear waters of the Tavignano river. We have dinner in a traditional restaurant in Corte and spend the night in a hotel. Accommodation: Hotel Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx. 4 hours Altitude gain: +720m / Altitude loss: -1400m **

  • 9

    Free day to relax and explore Corte.

    A well-earned day of rest marks the transition from the GR North to the GR South. We have the chance to spend much of the day soaking up the lively atmosphere of Corte, the ancient capital of Corsica. Take your time to discover the citadel, perched high upon a rocky crag, a defiant spectacle of Corsican patriotism. Visit the Museu dia Corsica, which charts the fascinating and turbulent history of the island, and spend time wandering around the many shops, cafés and restaurants. Overnight in Corte. Accommodation: Hotel Luggage: access to main luggage **

  • 10

    Transfer to Vizzavona. Col de Vizzavona and on to Bocca Palmente; continue on to Capanelle.

    A private transfer will take us to Vizzavona where we begin the trek with the Pass of Vizzavona and the stiff but steady climb to Bocca Palmente, which offers splendid views along the eastern plains and back to Monte D'Oro. Next, after passing the crest, we catch a glimpse of Monte Renoso, tomorrow's objective, before finally arriving at the sheepfolds of Capanelle. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx. 5 hours Altitude gain: +1155m / Altitude loss: -715m **

  • 11

    Walk to the Plateau of Gialgone; optional ascent of Mt Renoso and to Col de Verde.

    From Capanelle, we make our way to the picturesque sheepfolds of Traghjete before trekking on towards the Plateau of Ghialgone. We cross the footbridge of I Spiazzi (another bathing point). Our final descent of the day lies under the shadow of the rarest and most majestic Corsican fir trees, before reaching the Col de Verde. Those feeling adventurous may have the opportunity to climb Monte Renoso, the highest point of southern Corsica at 2352m. We pass Lac Bastani before reaching the summit where we are rewarded with views back to Monte Cinto, Paglia Orba and Monte Incudine. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx. 5 hours Altitude gain: +600m / Altitude loss: -900m **

  • 12

    Morning ridge walk, followed by a descent to the town of Cozzano.

    We start the day with a climb towards the refuge of Prati, which is perfectly positioned for beautiful views across to the Renosu massif. The view is at its best when we reach the crest. From here the view stretches out across the Ligurian sea and the Italian island of Elba (weather permitting). After easy scrambling through a landscape of rocky slabs with some exposure for approx. 2 hours, we make our descent through the forest before reaching Cozzano, a village in the heart of Corsica. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx. 8 hours Altitude gain: +750m / Altitude loss: -1300m **

  • 13

    Long climb to Bocca di L'Usciolu; to Basseta.

    Our morning is devoted to the climb towards Bocca De Surraghedu. After 1000m on uneven terrain, we embark on the Arete a Mondi, a beautiful rocky crest with fantastic views. After easy scrambling with some exposure for approx. 2 hours we start our descent through a forest of centennial trees. The path finally descends and the vegetation becomes dense. After the crossing of a stream, we arrive at the sheepfolds of Bassetta. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking: approx. 6h30 Altitude gain: +910m / Altitude loss: -505m In case of bad weather we may take another path: Walking: approx. 6 hours. Altitude gain: + 680m Altitude loss: -80m **

  • 14

    Over the Plateau Coscione to the Asinau Valley and on to Bavella.

    This is the longest and hardest day of the trip, but the end of this superb trek is in sight. Continuing on the GR20 from Bassetta, we cross the Plateau Coscione where streams wind their way through small valleys and climb steadily towards the col below Monte Incudine. On a clear day we see Monte Cinto and Paglia Orba behind us, and Sardinia in the distance in front. From here we descend to Asinau to reach our final destination, Bavella and its famous Aiguilles (French for needles), which dominate the landscape of the Alta Rocca. There couldn’t be a more fantastic place to finish this memorable walk. Accommodation: Gîte Luggage: access to main luggage Walking (via the GR20): approx. 9 hours Altitude gain: +982m / Altitude loss: -1100m Walking (via the alpine variant): approx. 9 hours Altitude gain: +1470m / Altitude loss: -1570m **

  • 15

    Transfer to Bastia airport; end.

    Transfer to Bastia airport, 10 km south of Bastia town, where the trip ends. **

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