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    How basic are the Corsican gites?

    The GR20 is notoriously difficult due to the lack of water and extremely poor accommodation in extremely overcrowded mountain huts (with up to 150 people in one room) along the route. This new itinerary takes away the hassles as we stay in privately owned refuges, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful walking.

    We spend 3 nights in a 2* hotel in twin or double room with en suite facilities. 9 nights in private gîtes with dormitories (4 to 16 beds), hot showers and toilets. There is only 1 night in an official GR20 refuge with 6 to 8 people per room, hot shower and toilets, as well as 1 night at a shepherd's hut in tents of 2 (simple toilets and shower available). Please be aware that facilities will be basic and normally on a shared basis (except at the hotel). Hot showers should be available at each accommodation, but water may be limited and demand high.

    Rachel George - Europe Operations


    Do we carry our own gear on the GR20?

    The main luggage is driven from base to base for us on most days, so we only have to carry our gear for the day and perhaps a packed lunch. However, on two occasions our accommodation is inaccessible by road, therefore we will need to carry our sleeping bag and overnight belongings for two consecutive days. Please ensure your daysack is big enough to carry all the necessary equipment.

    Rachel George - Europe Operations


    How difficult is the GR20?

    This long and tough trek is graded C/D.

    The GR20 requires a good level of fitness, mountain walking experience and sure footedness for the rocky landscape and mountain ridges, as well as a head for heights.

    Although the GR20 is not technically challenging, it involves plenty of ascents and descents, scrambling and the occasional use of fixed chains and a ladder (via ferrata). Each day we can expect to walk for an average of 6 to 9 hours (not including stops) with considerable daily ascents and descents with rough paths underfoot (averaging +800m and -800m per day, not including the optional summit ascents/descents). 

    We have two tour leaders walking with the group on all departures for added flexibility in our routes.

    Anna Dambrosio - Product Manager


    Exodus staff - expertise on hand to help

    All the staff at Exodus share a passion for adventure travel, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find an expert for the area you are interested in here and can contact them to get further information. If you don't see your specific country listed, please email customerops@exodus.co.uk and they will get the answers you need!


    How do I join the Departure Lounge (forum) in the Exodus Community?

    To view the Forums, including the Departure Lounge, you do not need to be member of the Exodus Community, simply click on the Community link at the top of every page and read the posts in their respective sections by entering the Departure Lounge, or one of the other options in the list on the page.

    To join in a discussion, if already a member, please sign in to your Exodus website account (not related to booking reservations) to contribute to the Forum. If you are not a member of the Exodus Community, you can register by clicking the 'Sign in' at the top of every webpage and select ‘Register’ within the drop down panel.

    When viewing the Forum area of the website, as you scroll through the 'Rooms' which are set out by 'travel months' during the current year within the Departure Lounge. You can then select the 'month' of intended travel, then filter the list of trips that have already been created by fellow travellers to see if your trip is listed. If the trip you are travelling on is not in the list, you can start the process by clicking on the 'Post new forum topic' link above the list on the same page. If you do see your trip within the list, select it to view the 'discussion' by your fellow travellers and you can join in by completing the 'Post your comment' section below the discussion thread.

    Please note: there might be slight a delay before your post/comment appears as intended because we moderate what is published on the website.

    We hope you enjoy using the Departure Lounge to meet your fellow travellers and continue to contribute right up to the start of your journey with Exodus.


    Are 2017 dates and prices available?

    Our experts can access lots of 2017 departures now, and we’ll be loading them on here soon. Meanwhile, you can call, email or use live chat to check 2017 dates, prices, availability and to book.


    How do I compare trips for my next adventure?

    To compare trips for consideration, you can add them to your 'Shortlist'.

    During your search for your next adventure you can save 'holidays' to your Shortlist and compare trips. For this to work correctly, you must be signed in during your 'user session'; i.e. during your time on the Exodus website. These will then be saved in your account (don't have an Exodus website account?  Sign up now!).

    The Shortlist menu item (top of every page) only appears when holidays are added. Adding holidays can be done by clicking on the 'Add to shortlist' with the 'Heart' symbol on any 'Holiday' page above the 'At a Glance' section, or in the 'holiday' panels within Search Results pages, or in the 'You might also like...' section at the foot of the trip page viewed. The selected holidays will be saved into your account for consideration and can be removed there, as well as from the 'compare trips' page from the menu link located at the top of every page.

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