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Deze route is nog niet definitief en kunnen nog wijzigingen in voorkomen.

  • 1

    Start Athens; afternoon ferry to Paros.

    In Athens we will transfer straight to Piraeus Port and catch an afternoon ferry to Paros. The ferry will leave the port at 17.30 and takes about 5 hours, there is a good selection of restaurants and cafes on board which will serve food and drinks throughout the journey. Accommodation: Hotel Pandrossos or similar

  • 2

    Walk the ancient paths in the heart of Paros, from Lefkes to Prodromos and the coastal villages of Marpissa and Pisso Livadhi.

    In the morning we take a bus to reach the heart of the island and the village of Lefkes, here we join the Old Byzantine path that runs all the way to the East coast of Paros. The route is believed to be about 1000 years old and traverses the entire island from Parikia to Piso Livadhi. We will walk through the white marble quarries which have been made famous by many Greek masterpieces including the Venus de Milo which was made from Parian marble. Today’s route will also pass through many medieval villages. Accommodation: Hotel Pandrossos or similar

  • 3

    Morning visit of the Famous Ekatontapiliani Cathedral, one of the Oldest Cathedrals in Europe. Midday Ferry to Santorini.

    This morning we explore the town of Parikia. The medieval centre has the authentic atmosphere of the Greek islands, with the narrow alleyways and piazzas, small shops and tavernas. We visit the famous Cathedral of Ekatontapiliani, one of the earliest Christian churches in Europe. At lunch time, we take the ferry to Santorini. Accommodation: Hotel Sunrise or similar

  • 4

    Walk along the caldera all the way from Thira to Oia.

    Santorini is one of the most famous islands in the world. Known mainly for its beautiful beaches, it is a remnant of a volcanic cone whose top was blown off. A huge eruption (estimated 1450 BC) gave it its crescent shape and many speculate that it was the location of the legendary lost Atlantis. This beautiful island has a lot to offer to walkers, including magnificent views of the Mediterranean. Leaving Thira behind we trek along the “Cliff Trail” to Oia. The six mile trail is well marked, not too challenging but well worth the effort. Views out over the Aegean as far as the eye can see are virtually ever present as we wind gently up to the edge of the volcanic caldera. Reaching Oia, a pretty village of narrow winding streets, whitewashed houses, boutiques, galleries and cafes there is time to explore, relax and soak up the culture. Approx. 4 hours walking. Accommodation: Hotel Sunrise or similar

  • 5

    Morning walk to the volcano in Santorini. Afternoon ferry to Naxos.

    In the morning we walk down the steps to the old harbour and take a boat to the island of Kameniin the middle of the Caldera. We will walk to the crater of the volcano amongst lava and pumice stones, enjoying panoramic views of Santorini and the nearby islands. We travel back to Santorini and on to Fira. Leaving Santorini in the afternoon, we board the ferry to Naxos. After checking in at our hotel, there may be some time to explore the main town, Hora, a Venetian Castello town. The market area is a delight to wander through, with its craft shops, chapels and quaint restaurants. On the islet of Palatia stands the impressive Portara, ancient marble gateway, the entrance to the remains of the temple of Apollo. Accommodation: Hotel Aeolis or similar

  • 6

    Walk in the Tragea Valley, full of olive trees and citrus orchards.

    Today we trek the lush valley of Tragea, famous for its ancient olive and citrus groves. It is a great opportunity to discover the most authentic part of Naxos, where picturesque villages and churches punctuate our walk. Approx. 4 to 5 hours walking. Accommodation: Hotel Aeolis or similar

  • 7

    Walk through the mountainous heart of the island, below Mt Zas, from Filoti to Apiranthos, a mediaeval village on Naxos' high plateau.

    Today we walk to the summit of Mt Fanari (2,500 ft), through impressive landscape with magnificent views of many other Aegean islands. We reach the fascinating village of Apiranthos, a living museum of mediaeval times, built in the mountains, hidden away from pirates and other intruders. Approx. 4 to 5 hrs walking. Accommodation: Hotel Aeolis or similar

  • 8

    End Athens.

    A ferry takes us to Pireus (approx. 5hrs). Transfer to Athens airport where the trip ends.

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