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  • All breakfasts, 4 picnic lunches and 5 dinners are included. The buffet style breakfasts includes fresh bread, butter, jam, fresh juice, milk, local yoghurt, porridge, eggs, ham and cheese, cake and cookies, honey, coffee/tea and lots of fresh seasonal fruit.  A dining experience in Greece isn’t the same without spending an evening in a taverna – a small, family-run Greek restaurant – and on this trip we include visits to five of them. Dotted along the Karystos coastline in Evia, these cosy tavernas serve typical dishes in an informal setting, and the delicious food is often accompanied by traditional live music which livens up the atmosphere as the night goes on. Dishes to try in the evenings may include homemade filo pastry pies, moussaka, stuffed vegetables as well as a variety of other vegetarian dishes, fresh salads, crunchy breads, salty cheeses and locally caught fish and seafood. Greek meze will usually be on the menu too and consists of a selection of hot and cold dishes to share such as keftedes (Greek-style meatballs) and dolmadakia (stuffed grape vine leaves).


  • Walking & Trekking
  • Coastal Walks
  • 1

    Start Athens; transfer to Rafina; ferry to Evia.

    From Athens airport we transfer by road to Rafina (approximately 35 min), and then take the ferry to Mamari on Evia Island (about 1hr). It is then a short drive to our hotel at Karystos. Accommodation: Hotel Galaxy or similar *Standard Hotel*

  • 2

    Walk through the ravine from Platanistos to the beach at Potami Bay.

    We drive along the south-eastern tip of the island, over the mountains towards the Cape of Cavo Doro, heading to the beautiful ravine of Platanistos and the first of 20 ancient villages of Albanian descent. Over the arches of stone bridges, we follow the river towards Potami hamlet on the coast, a Hellinistic anchorage since Homeric times. En route we visit the site of Hellinikon with the remains of the foundations of Poseidon's temple, dating back to the 8th century B.C. Walking amongst large plane trees we reach the sea and one of the nicest, yet still relatively unknown, beaches in the Aegean. During the warmer months of the year we have the opportunity to swim and relax on the beach. We return to Karystos by taxi. Walk: Distance 9 km Ascent 100 m Descent 400 m Max Altitude 400 m Time: 4.5 hours Accommodation: Hotel Galaxy or similar *Standard Hotel*

  • 3

    Ascend Mount Kliosi and the Acropolis of Styra.

    An early morning drive along the panoramic mountain road to the North, known as the 'Eagle Route', takes us above the evergreen valley of Styra. We climb Mt Kliosi's dramatic summit where the remains of the ancient Acropolis defy time and elements on a 'Wuthering Heights' plateau. The Eerie ancient Gate, the cave of St Nicolas and the ruins of Castro Armeno, often in the mist, make it a visit to remember. The gentle walk down takes us past wild strawberry bushes and the remains of the Roman marble quarries to the quaint villages of Styra Valley, which overlook Marathon, just across the water on the Continent. In the afternoon we take the local bus back to Karystos. Walk: Distance 10 km Ascent 300 m Descent 500 m Max Altitude 700 m Time: 5 hours Accommodation: Hotel Galaxy or similar* Standard Hotel*

  • 4

    Walk through rolling hills and the Gourna villages, passing Roman Columns and visiting the Castello Rosso.

    Our first day takes us up to the villages of Gourna that are scattered high above the bay of Karystos and below the peaks of Mount Ohi. Walking along stone worn paths next to springs and streams, in a verdant countryside, we reach the monolithic marble columns in the Imperial Roman Quarries, perfectly completed and abandoned during Rome’s decline.  We continue to Castello Rosso, one of the grandest Forts of the 4th crusade, from where we can enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean. Using mountain goat-trails and country lanes we walk down to the fertile plain of Aetos, full of citrus, olive and cypress trees, and we then reach the coast. Walk: Distance 11 km Ascent 450 m Descent 450 m Max Altitude 350 m Time: 6 hours Accommodation: Hotel Galaxy or similar *Standard Hotel*

  • 5

    Morning walk in the Bay of Marmari; afternoon free to relax on the beach or wander around Karystos.

    This morning we will drive to the village of Marmari. We will enjoy a coastal walk around the bay and then head back to the historic Montofoli Winery Estate for dessert wine tasting. In the afternoon you are free to relax on the beach or wander around Karystos, an authentic Greek island town. Walk: Distance 5 km Ascent 0 m Descent 150 m Max Altitude 150 m Time: 3 hours Accommodation: Hotel Galaxy or similar *Standard Hotel*

  • 6

    Morning ferry to Athens; walking tour of Athens including visit to the Acropolis; transfer back to Evia.

    This morning we will take the ferry to Athens. We will walk the historic centre of this breath-taking city, the cradle of Western civilisation and the birthplace of democracy We will wander around the beautiful Plaka, the impressive Houses of Parliament, Zappion National Gardens and St Paul’s boulevard, before heading up to the Acropolis Hill.  We will explore the Acropolis, one of the ancient wonders of our world.  In the evening, we transfer back to Evia. Walk: Distance 4 km Ascent 0 m Descent 0 m Time: 3 hours Accommodation: Hotel Galaxy or similar *Standard Hotel*

  • 7

    Gorge walk from Mt Ohi down to the rugged East Aegean coast.

    Today we have a picturesque walk through the gorges to the rugged East Aegean coast. We will travel by taxi to Boublia on Mt Ohi, which is the starting point of one of the famous gorge walks to the east coast of Evia. The gorge is a unique habitat for flora and fauna with peonies and orchids, eagles and falcons amongst plane and chestnut trees. The ancient stone path leads us down to smuggler's coves in the dramatically exposed Aegean coast. These secluded bays are occasionally visited by seals and dolphins. Here there is time for swimming in the calm summer days. Walk: Distance 10 km Ascent 0 m Descent 600 m Max Altitude 600 m Time: 5 hours Accommodation: Hotel Galaxy or similar *Standard Hotel*

  • 8

    Afternoon ferry to Athens; end Athens.

    After a leisurely breakfast, the morning is free to relax, grab a last minute swim at the beach or make a visit to town.  We catch our ferry anytime from 1pm depending on the ferry schedule and transfer back to Athens where our adventure ends. Those on the group flights will be transferred to the airport for the flight to London.

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