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Internationale groepsreis Arctic Lights & Whales Photographic Special

Northern Norway photographic special with Paul Goldstein


  • All meals are included, and the food here is excellent, particularly the freshly caught salmon and char, to say nothing of the legendary moose pie. Nigel, Ingvild and the team will always do their best to cater for dietary needs, please ensure you inform us prior to travel.


  • Winter
  • Northern Lights
  • Photography

Route 5 daagse rondreis Arctic Lights & Whales Photographic Special

No list of superlatives is enough to do justice to the Vesteralen Islands. Located in the north of Norway, the five islands that make up this archipelago sit within the Arctic Circle but, thanks to the Gulf Stream, enjoy relatively mild winters. Here there is an intoxicating mix of fjords and mountains all teeming with wildlife, from the free-roaming moose to the reindeer herds of the local Sami people. There are some fantastic opportunities for photography here, during daylight and twilight hours alike and as night falls the stage sets for the mythical aurora borealis, a relatively regular companion to the people this far north. In the company of our expert guide Paul Goldstein we will seek out the best this unique area has to offer. Trips with Paul are not for the faint-hearted - he will push everybody to maximise the relatively short space of time here.

  1. Dag 1 - Start Buksnesfjord.
  2. Dag 2 - 3 days exploration of the area, making the most of conditions for the best photographic opportunities
  3. Dag 5 - Transfer to Evenes.
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Informatiedag Amsterdam
Zondag 22 juni 2019

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