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    Our trip starts at the Andoy Friluftssenter.

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    Local exploration and photography.

    Flexibility is key here to capitalise on conditions and the expertise of our local guide. Based on the island of Andoya, the northernmost island in the Vesteralen archipelago. Here jagged peaks and crystal clear waters combine with vast areas of fens, all sparsely populated and home to elk, arctic foxes and many species of bird, as well as the reindeer herds of the Sami people.The location is perfect for observing the Northern Lights, as the area sits on the aurora borealis oval. Days are spent exploring this beautifully harsh landscape, strapping on snowshoes or just trekking in the wilderness if we are feeling adventurous, and our evenings are dedicated to searching out the best spots to experience the mythical dancing lights. Our local partners know every inch of this area and we may well be following the lights for some time. In some cases we may not need to go far, as our base is remote, with little light pollution and often an ideal location to see the night sky light up.

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    Further exploration of the area.

    Our daily activities will depend on the weather. There will be the opportunity to go whale watching in Andenes, payable locally. Please see the detailed description of day 2 for further details of how the trip will unfold. When it comes to the Northern Lights, flexibility is the key!

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    Exploration of the local area.

    As with the other days, we will decide where to go based on the prevailing conditions. Please see the detailed description on day 2 for further details.

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    The group flights will be in the early evening. As such we will try to make the most of our day, possibly using the transfer coach to explore further afield.

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