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  • All breakfasts are included. The Rica Victoria offers an extensive buffet, included Norwegian and continental options. Lunch can be bought at the Olympic Park or in town. Lillehammer offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants for evening meals where you can try international and local cuisine. Reindeer and salmon are a local speciality. 


  • Winter
  • Mixed-Activity
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    Start Lillehammer.

    Join our group at the hotel in Lillehammer

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    Bob-raft and taxi-bob, optional skeleton; afternoon curling  

    Morning at Hunderfossen Olympic Park. We include bob-raft and taxi-bob. Skeleton optional. *Bob-rafting:* A basic box-shaped bobsleigh with foam sides, and slower wooden runners for use on the standard ice bobsleigh track. It accommodates 5 passengers per trip and speeds reach 70-80 km/h. This is a good try-out to see if you are up for the Taxi-bob. *Taxi-bob:* This is the real thing, just like you see in the Olympic games. The taxi-bob is driven by an authorised pilot and takes three passengers per trip. You will reach speeds of 120 km/h and forces of almost 5-G. Entitling you to a bob-certificate and you become a member of the 5-G club.  *Optional Skeleton:* A skeleton is the type of one-man sledge where you lie (head facing downhill) on your stomach. You will reach speeds of up to 70 km/h - with your nose 1 cm from the ice. This is guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing! Cost: not confirmed at time of writing, but around 500Kr. At the end of an exciting morning, we head back to Lillehammer. After lunch walk to the Olympic Hall to try our hand at curling. Depending on group size we will split into teams and have a go at one of Great Britains most successful Winter Olympic sports - it's a lot harder than it looks! 

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    Morning airboarding in Lillehammer. Afternoon transfer to Hafjell ski area (10 mins) for downhill skiing or tobogganing (both optional).

    Morning airboarding: This fast-paced activity takes place at the Olympic Park towards the base of the ski jump and a real adrenalin kick. An airboard is a large plastic mattress filled with air. Which you ride head first down the outrun in the Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena, moving further up the hill on each run as you start to feel more confident. In the afternoon you may wish to take the short transfer to Hafjell ski area (10 mins) for downhill skiing (optional). Non-skiers can remain in the Olympic park for tobogganing, or return to Lillehammer for shopping, or a swim at the local pool. 

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    Our tour ends after breakfast.

    Our tour ends after breakfast.

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