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    Start Espedalen.

    Start Espedalen.

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    Skiing near Lake Espedalen

    Lake Espedalen provides a convenient and, perhaps more importantly, flat area to pick up the basics and gain confidence before venturing further afield. We prefer not to specify where we will ski each day, as this can change according to the weather conditions and ability of the group. The leader will choose the most appropriate routes each day, however as an example of the sort of skiing you can expect please see below.

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    Our second day exploring the local area

    We set off from our base for the second day of guided skiing, see the description on day 2 for details.

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    Guided skiing on cross country tracks through the picturesque Norwegian wilderness.

    Having tested our skills and confidence on the first two days, today we set off for another day of guided skiing.

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    Another chance to explore the winter landscape of the Espedalen region

    Full day cross-country skiing

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    Ski out from our hotel, on tracks through deep forests and frozen lakes

    Full day cross-country skiing

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    The week finishes with one last chance to enjoy the magic winter landscape of this beautiful area.

    By now we should see a real improvement of our skills and confidence on the skis.

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    End Espedalen.

    End Espedalen.

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