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    Start Kvitavatn. Evening briefing with the group before dinner.

    Start Kvitavatn.

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    Start of six days of cross-country skiing 

    We prefer not to specify in advance where we will ski each day. This is to enhance the flexibility and adapt to weather and snow conditions and to some extent the ability of each group. The next few days is a guide.  Beginners will start on a flat area of land next to lodge where it’s safe to get a feel for the skis and the basic techniques. More experienced groups will head out into the local area, just to get our ski legs back.

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    Cross-country skiing around Kvitiavatn 

    There is an endless range of skiing possibilities with 80km of varied tracks through forests and open country, as well as a good selection of downhill runs. The off-track touring is excellent and takes us above the tree line where there is a vast expanse of wilderness to explore - the summit of Ornenipa can be reached and the Heddersfjell moors can be explored, both at around 1300m. 

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    Venturing further afield 

    By now beginners will have mastered the basics and the days are spent out exploring the rugged mountains and dense forest. More advanced skiers will venture into the stark wilderness above the treeline. Skiers of all abilities will fall in love with the sheer magnificence of the beautiful Norwegian winter landscape. 

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    Free day

    Today is free, you can either venture out with new friends to ski in the area, or you may choose to take to some downhill skis, or explore the forests by snowshoe. 

  • 6

     Full day out enjoying the Norwegian wilderness 

    Back on the skis today for another day exploring all the beauty this area has to offer. 

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    Final day on our skis 

    A final day of skiing, this will be a full day out with a picnic lunch in the Norwegian wilderness. 

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    End Kvitavatn

    End Kvitavatn. **

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