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  • Breakfast, packed lunch and evening meals are included. The food provided includes ample buffet breakfasts, from which you make up your packed lunch, remember to bring a thermos flask to take hot coffee, tea or hot blackcurrant. Dinner will consist of four courses, water is served at the table, alcohol is charged separately (see below). Vegetarians are extremely well catered for. Alcohol is not included at dinner. Approximate prices are as follows: Bottled beer NOK 48, dark beer NOK 65, glass of wine NOK 65, bottle of wine NOK 350, soft drinks NOK 35. Clients are permitted to bring their own alcohol, but this can only be consumed in your own room, due to licencing laws in Norway.  


  • Winter
  • Cross-Country Skiing
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    Start Kamben

    Start Kamben. For those not on the group flight we strongly recommend you arrange to join the group transfer.

  • 2

    Three days of cross-country skiing. 

    We prefer not to specify in advance where we will ski each day. This is to enhance the flexibility and adapt to weather and snow conditions and to some extent the ability of each group. When choosing routes, the leader's priority will be to take in a variety of scenery and to ensure that participants become better and more confident skiers as the week progresses. Examples of skiing options: The well-marked trails around Kamben offer possibilities for skiers of all levels and the nearby nursery slope provides practice for descending skills. Northerly routes take us to Oset, with its traditional stave church, where we follow the loipe through birch forests before joining the banks of the river Tislei. A gradual climb to the northwest brings you on to Golsfjellet, a rolling plateau with six peaks over 1000m, each one with a magnificent view over the mountains of the Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda National Parks. On at least one of these outings, we will call at the hotel's own cabin in the mountains.

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    Free day

    Today is a free day. You can either venture out and explore the area with other members of the group or you may choose to enjoy a day of downhill skiing at the nearby Storefjell resort. Alternatively, you may wish to take the historic railway line down to Flam, for a boat ride on the beautiful Naeroyfjord. In winter it’s cold, but still an amazing sight. There is also the option of taking a husky safari.   

  • 6

    Venturing further afield

    Over the last two days we can prepare for longer excursions and, weather permitting, a tour across the plateau will be undertaken. Heading north from the hotel we will follow the track until we arrive at Oset Hoyfjellshotell, where we will stop briefly for a warm drink before heading west up to Appelsintreet. Grade 2 groups will then head generally south until they reach the grillhytte located at the base of Veslefjell. Here, a fire may have already been lit, if not there is usually wood provided and you can light one yourselves and we can relax with a warm drink. Leaving the hut we will head south east towards the hotel, deploying downhill control where appropriate, but this is a very enjoyable descent with wide tracks. Then following the track behind Storefjell Hotel we will then gently rise before another descent down towards Kamben. Grade 3 groupscan contiune west from Appelsintreet, we may want to proceed further west taking in a broader loop towards Veslefjell, which they may like to ascend, and it is a sustained steep ascent, heading eastwards, before descending down to the grillhytte. **

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    End Kamben

    Our tour ends after breakfast.  We recommend arranging to join the group transfer, by rail, back to Oslo Airport.

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