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    Start Mushers Lodge in Kaupinnen.

    Start Mushers Lodge.

  • 2

    Morning instruction; after lunch head to Jakalajarvi. Overnight in wilderness lodge (30-35 km).

    In the morning we take meet our dog teams and are taught a short tuition on the basics of dogsledding. Then we begin the expedition sledding across the wild and beautiful expanses of frozen lakes towards the lodge at Jakalajarvi. Wilderness lodge (approx distance 30-35 km).

  • 3

    Mush to the Sami village of Ovre Soppero and the camp belonging to two Sami, Per-Nils and Britt-Marie (55 km).

    Mush through a mixture of forest trails and frozen lakes with stunning views en route above and beyond the snow-covered peaks and trees. Today we head towards the Sami village of Ovre Soppero, where we stay in the camp that is owned by two Samis, Per-Nils and Britt-Marie (approx distance 45-50 km). Cabin accommodation.

  • 4

    We follow the 'Tobacco Trail' towards Sautosjarvi. Night in a traditional Sami tent on Lake Sautosjarvi (65 km).

    The longest day, following the 'Tobacco Trail' southwest towards Sautosjarvi (approx distance 70 km). Tonight we stay in a traditional Sami tent, or 'Lavi' that is situated on an island in the frozen lake Sautosjarvi. This is a real wilderness experience giving you a taste of how the nomadic people of these lands used to/and still do live. As it is not an insulated tent you will be required to gather fire wood and keep the fire (open fire in cooking tent, stove in sleeping tent) going throughout the night for warmth (but don't worry, the sleeping bags provided add a bit of modern comfort to this ancient way of living).

  • 5

    Dogsled to Vakkara passing an abandoned village on the shores of Lake Sevojarvi (40-45 km).

    Today we dogsled to Vakkara camp over a more challenging and varied terrain. En route we will pass an abandonded village that sits on the shores of lake Sautosjarvi. The last person to leave this village was in 1950 due to difficult farming conditions, and as time has passed with no inhabitants it almost has ghost-like qualities (approx distance 40-45km).

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    Final day of dogsledding following the Tornealven River back to Kauppinen (40-45 km).

    Our final day takes us along the Thornealven River and back to Kaupinnen. Depending on the time and conditions, we may have time to stop at Jukkasjarvi and visit the world famous Icehotel (approx distance 40-45 km).

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    End Mushers Lodge in Kauppinen.

    End Mushers lodge in Kaupinnen.

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