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    Meet at Ostersund Airport and transfer to Edsasdalen.

    Fly to Ostersund via Stockholm, transfer to Edsasdalen

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    Today is spent getting to know the area with a short tour. Evening sauna and relax by the fire.

    Our first day is all about getting acquainted with our new surroundings. We will make a tour, depending on the weather and mood of the group. Our goal is to reach a basic shelter where we will stop for lunch, there we make a fire, warm up and relax. At the end of the day we have the option to enjoy a sauna or just sit by the fireplace and relax before dinner.

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    Skiing in the beautiful Valadalen Natural Reserve; evening visit to the frozen waterfall at Ristafallet.

    Today we head for Valadalen Natural Reserve; here there are plenty of tracks and trails, but our plan to head off into the forest in search of local wildlife. Hopefully we'll spot some reindeer. If we're lucky we may also see the tracks of other animals that live in the area, including wolverine, lynx and moose. After an outdoor lunch we ski to an Exhibition Centre where a local guide will teach us about the wildlife and the history of the area, from the Sami people right up to today. After a full day we head for Ristafallet waterfall, if the conditions are right we will get to go ice-caving behind the frozen falls. This is a spectacular visit regardless of the snow and ice conditions. Our guide owns a small restaurant by the falls, here we'll have dinner and get a change to try some local cuisine, before returning to the lodge.

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    Full day skiing further into the forests and across frozen lakes, to the wilderness hut where we overnight. Sauna and dinner by the fire.

    One of the highlights of this week is the trip out into the wilderness. We carry our own gear and head out for the day away from civilization to the wilderness huts right by the lake between the mountains. The accommodation here is basic, but once we've collected some firewood the huts will soon start to warm and feel wonderfully cosy. The sauna just adds to the sense of adventure, especially if you choose to roll in the snow to cool off! We will prepare our food that we brought along and enjoy the peace far away from the normal comforts we're used to.

  • 5

    Wake up in our cosy wilderness hut and ski back to civilisation.

    Waking up in our small mountain hut is a great experience, we will make breakfast and take our time to get ready and slowly head back into the wilderness. If the conditions permit we will head for the mountain top, it's not steep and quite approachable. We will have a choice of routes that best suits the group and the weather conditions on the day. Once back at the lodge there will be time to relax and freshen up before evening dinner at the nearby Hotel Kojagarden.

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    Full day skiing to Renfjället (962m)the highest peak of the week. Return for a traditional Sami dinner.

    Our aim today is reach the highest peak in the area, Renfjallet that lies at 962m. Once departed from the lodge we will not be back until late in the evening. The morning part of our tour takes between 2 - 3 hours when we reach the mountain restaurant Vita Renen. Here we break for lunch and if anybody doesn't feel like going to the top it's no problem - as we return to the restaurant after summiting for a sauna and dinner. While taking on the challenge of the summit, we should also get the opportunity to see wild reindeer that graze on the mountain. Our dinner at Vita Renen includes traditional Sami cuisine. After our meal we don our head torches and ski back down the hill to the lodge which will only take about 45 minutes.

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    Free day for further skiing or why not lean to mush on our husky safari.

    After breakfast we have a free day for optional activities. If you want to continue skiing our guide will point you to some really nice trails nearby. Alternatively you may choose to head out on a husky tour. During this 5 hour excursion you learn on all the basics you need to become a musher controlling your own 2 man sleigh. An outdoor lunch prepared by the guide is also included. Downhill skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing are all also available. All are charged locally. In the evening we have our final meal as a group at the Dalens Gard Mountain Lodge.

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    Transfer to Ostersund.

    Return transfer to Ostersund. Fly to Heathrow via Stockholm

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