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    Ecuador Country Guide (including plugs!)

    Please visit the Exodus Travel Guide to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands where you can find out what plugs they use, as well as more detailed Country information in the menu on the left of the page.


    I'm travelling via the US, do I need a visa?

    Most clients are eligible to travel via the US under the US Visa Waiver Programme, however to do this you must register for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). This must be done prior to departure - more details can be found at www.exodus.co.uk/usvisa. Rebecca Caldicott - Customer Operations


    Do I take dollars to Ecuador?

    Since US dollar is the official currency of Ecuador it is definitely the best option to go for. Sterling. although not necessarily very difficult to change. may incur a poor exchange rate. ATMs are becoming more common but you shouldn't rely on them 100% in case there are any problems. Exchanging travellers cheques could be a pretty time consuming operation.Obtaining change for larger denomination banknotes (US$100 and US$50) can be very difficult, and in many cases they may not even be accepted (especially $100 notes) so our suggestion is not to bring them with you at all. You may find it strange but people in Ecuador (and other South American countries) could be a bit fussy about the condition of banknotes and may not be happy to accept a torn or heavily used note (the higher denomination, the more likely it is).If flying to the Galapagos you will be asked to pay $110 in cash to cover for the immigration control card ($10) and Galapagos tax ($100). If you are sailing on the Cacholote, you will actually only need some money for alcoholic drinks on board (soft drinks $1.50, beer $2, cocktails $3-6), gratuities and souvenirs. You will need to take a bit more cash with you if you want to hire snorkelling equipment or a wetsuit on the boat. Cards or travellers cheques are not accepted on board the yacht and ATMs in the Galapagos are very limited. Karol Rogacki - Americas Operations


    Exodus staff - expertise on hand to help

    All the staff at Exodus share a passion for adventure travel, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find an expert for the area you are interested in here and can contact them to get further information. If you don't see your specific country listed, please email customerops@exodus.co.uk and they will get the answers you need!

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