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Deze route is nog niet definitief en kunnen nog wijzigingen in voorkomen.

  • 1

    Start Amman.

    Start Amman.

  • 2

    To Wadi Rum; meet the Bedouin team and venture into the desert.

    After breakfast we transfer by bus to Wadi Rum. Today is a short acclimatisation walk (2hr) from Disseh village to the Umm el Twaggy camp, where we enjoy a dinner prepared by our Bedouin hosts and staff.

  • 3

    Traverse Siq el Barrah, a magnificent desert canyon with immense rock walls.

    We continue the trek from Umm el Twaggy to traverse Siq el Barrah, a magnificent desert canyon with immense rock walls (5hr). We camp in the area between two mountains Rakaa and Mharrak.

  • 4

    Trek towards Jebel Burdah. Afternoon, guided climb to the arch of Burdah

    We begin the third day’s trek by heading to Jebel Burdah (2hr). In the afternoon, we take a guided walk to view the arch of Burdah. From here there are spectacular views across this dramatic landscape. Our camp for the night will be next to Burdah.

  • 5

    To Um Fruth rock-bridge following Khor el Ajram to the Wadi Khashkhasheh

    Today we head southwest to the Um Fruth rock-bridge following Khor el Ajram to the Wadi Khashkhasheh and visit the inscriptions of Siq el Khazali, and then continue to Lawrence House where we camp nearby. (5hr).

  • 6

    Leave the desert for Petra.

    We leave Lawrence House and then go north through Wadi Um Ishrin. We continue with a Bedouin 4x4 vehicle to Disseh village before our transfer to Petra in the late afternoon. (5h).

  • 7

    A fascinating day visiting Petra, one of the world's foremost ancient sites; to Amman.

    This morning the excitement mounts as we set of to explore the ancient city of Petra. As a UNESCO World Heritage site and famed for its astonishing scale, this day is bound to be a highlight for many. Following in the footsteps of Burckhardt down the narrow siq, you finally get your first tantalising glimpse of El Khazneh - the Treasury - revealed in all its splendour as you come out into the open. The work involved in carving this immense fa�ade out of solid rock defies belief. You have a full day to explore the site and see its many other splendours. In the centre of the city you will pass the houses and tombs of the more affluent citizens and also a Roman amphitheatre, preserved in remarkable condition. Beyond the city centre is El Deir, the Monastery. Its superb fa�ade is carved into the rock and topped by a huge urn. After our visit we transfer back to Amman.

  • 8

    End Amman.

    End Amman.

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Enjoy a magical desert trek through Jordan

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