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  • Whilst trekking all meals are included. The 3 nights spent in hotels is on a bed and breakfast basis. You will be required to buy 2 lunches on days 2 and 7 and dinners on day 1 (depending on flight arrival time), 6 and 7. Allow about US$90 or 64JOD to cover these meals. We usually eat in restaurants where traditional food is served to allow maximum flexibility of choice, and, for those who wish, to try a 'mezze' style meal. If you are vegetarian, please note that main meals are limited in choice, however, mezze is almost always available in restaurants and is a good choice for vegetarians, usually costing approximately 15JOD or US$21 pp. Unlimited drinking water is provided free of charge whilst on the trek in Wadi Rum.


  • Walking & Trekking
  • Desert Treks
  • Point-to-Point
  • 1

    Start Amman.

    Our trip begins in Amman. In the following morning, the guide will hold a welcome meeting to discuss the week ahead and answer any question.  *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 2

    To Wadi Rum; meet the Bedouin team and venture into the desert.

    After breakfast there is an opportunity to exchange money and purchase snacks for the upcoming desert trek. We then transfer by bus to Wadi Rum (4 - 5hrs). Before embarking on our desert trek, we visit Wadi Rum visitor centre and take in the sight of The 7 Pillars of Wisdom’, a spectacular rock formation with seven fluted turrets. It is a short transfer to the start of our introductory walk where we walk to Um Al Bdoun, a private campsite run by the local Bedouin people. In the evening, we enjoy a dinner prepared in a traditional way known as a zarb. A cooking pot is dug into the sand and left for most of the day to slow cook meats and vegetables.  *Full-service Camping*

  • 3

    Traverse Siq el Barrah, a magnificent desert canyon with immense rock walls.

    We continue our trek from our campsite to traverse across Siq el Barrah, a magnificent desert canyon with immense rock walls. The trek is through open desert and there is a tangible sense of wilderness as we pass sandstone mountains and rocky outcrops. We set up the camp beneath the cool shade of two rocky mountains, Rakaa and Mharrak. *Basic Camping*

  • 4

    Trek to the arch of Burdah with optional climb.

    We begin today by heading to Jebel Burdah. Burdah Bridge is a striking rock formation that arches from one rock mass to another. The route has sections of scrambling and some of them involve the use of ropes, especially the optional ascent to the top of the bridge. There are panoramic views throughout the trek. In the afternoon, we continue our trek through the desert. Our next campsite is atop sand dunes nearby Jebel Umm Fruth in the south east corner of Wadi Rum Desert.  *Basic Camping*

  • 5

    To Um Fruth rock-bridge following Khor el Ajram to the Wadi Khashkhasheh.

    Today we head to Umm Fruth Rock Bridge. The rock bridge is situated just a short walk away from our campsite. Umm Fruth requires some easy level scrambling. The ascent is steep and short and the sandstone is firm with good underfoot grip. We continue our trek to the ruins of Lawrence House. In the afternoon, we traverse across remote red sand dunes with spectacular views throughout. There is an opportunity to see historic rock inscriptions before we set up camp tonight in the crook of a desert mountain. *Basic Camping*

  • 6

    Leave the desert for Petra.

    Our last morning in the desert starts with a walk or optional camel trek through Wadi Umm Al Ishrim. We transfer to Petra at approximately lunchtime. In the afternoon, we have the option to visit Little Petra, a smaller but still impressive version of the main Petra site.  Duration of walk: 3-4 h. *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 7

    A fascinating day visiting Petra, one of the world's foremost ancient sites; to Amman.

    This morning the excitement mounts as we set off to explore the ancient city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site famed for its astonishing scale and bound to be a highlight for many. Following in the footsteps of Burckhardt down the narrow siq, you finally catch a tantalising glimpse of El Khazneh - the Treasury - revealed in all its splendour as you come out into the open. The work involved in carving this immense façade out of solid rock defies belief. You have a full day to explore the site and see its many other splendours. In the centre of the city you will pass the houses and tombs of the more affluent citizens and also a Roman amphitheatre, preserved in remarkable condition. Beyond the city centre is El Deir, the Monastery. Its superb façade is carved into the rock and topped by a huge urn. After our visit we transfer back to Amman. *Comfortable Hotel*

  • 8

    End Amman.

    End Amman, following breakfast.

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