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    Is walking in the Rockies difficult?

    All full day hike will be between 6 and 8 hours. The half day walks are 4 hours or less. The walks are at an average of 2000m with a maximum of 2600m. Details of the length of each walk and altitude gain are specified in the detailed trip notes. Almost all of the walking is on well marked trails. None of the walks are technically difficult, but some are on steep trails, over large stones and/or scree slopes.

    Karol Rogacki - Americas Operations


    How should I take money to Canada?

    While Canada is quite reasonable, it's not the bargain destination it may have been in years past. You should allow $15 - $20 a day for small expenses such as snacks, souvenirs, postcards etc. Money is best taken in Canadian Dollars, which you can get before travel or upon arrival. ATMs are widely available as well.

    Karol Rogacki - Americas Operations


    What is the wildlife like in the Rockies?

    There are some good opportunities for wildlife spotting along the way. You are almost guaranteed to see bears (both black and grizzly), elk, deer or big horn sheep, with a bit of luck also mountain goats or moose. You will be surrounded by various types of squirrels - congratulations though if you can take a good picture of them without a big zoom. Wildflowers will be everywhere around you on the mountain paths.
    If you choose the first departure of the season it is possible that, due to snow cover still being present higher in the mountains, animals will be forced to stay in the valleys. Your chances of seeing them then may be higher (on the other hand though, snow may affect some walks). The last departure of the season should offer superb autumn colours. If you travel on either end of the season you need to be prepared for a bit of colder and somewhat erratic weather.
    Your leader will have a few guidebooks on animals and flowers of the Rockies and you're more than welcome to make use of them.

    Karol Rogacki - Americas Operations


    What are the camping facilities like on Canadian treks?

    The camping is in twin shared 4 person tents, with all communal camping equipment, including self-inflating sleeping mats, provided. You will need to bring a sleeping bag. You are expected to erect and dismantle your own tent and help out with breaking/setting up camp (we move campsites only 4 times).

    The forested campsites differ in facilities offered: the planned campsites have flush toilets, tap water and hot showers, the latter often for a small fee (this is common in North America).

    Note: few campsites in Canada allow advance reservations; although not normally a problem, there is no guarantee that the group will stay at all of the planned campsites; some of the alternate campsites may not have a shower on site but we will drive to the nearest shower facilities.

    Karol Rogacki - Americas Operations


    Do I need to take walking poles?

    If you are used to walking with poles then you can take them with you. They are not essential though and the walk is manageable without them. It is personal preference but do remember to pack them as part of your main luggage to be stowed in the hold.

    Sharmil Goswami - Sales


    Exodus staff - expertise on hand to help

    All the staff at Exodus share a passion for adventure travel, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can find an expert for the area you are interested in here and can contact them to get further information. If you don't see your specific country listed, please email customerops@exodus.co.uk and they will get the answers you need!


    How do I join the Departure Lounge (forum) in the Exodus Community?

    To view the Forums, including the Departure Lounge, you do not need to be member of the Exodus Community, simply click on the Community link at the top of every page and read the posts in their respective sections by entering the Departure Lounge, or one of the other options in the list on the page.

    To join in a discussion, if already a member, please sign in to your Exodus website account (not related to booking reservations) to contribute to the Forum. If you are not a member of the Exodus Community, you can register by clicking the 'Sign in' at the top of every webpage and select ‘Register’ within the drop down panel.

    When viewing the Forum area of the website, as you scroll through the 'Rooms' which are set out by 'travel months' during the current year within the Departure Lounge. You can then select the 'month' of intended travel, then filter the list of trips that have already been created by fellow travellers to see if your trip is listed. If the trip you are travelling on is not in the list, you can start the process by clicking on the 'Post new forum topic' link above the list on the same page. If you do see your trip within the list, select it to view the 'discussion' by your fellow travellers and you can join in by completing the 'Post your comment' section below the discussion thread.

    Please note: there might be slight a delay before your post/comment appears as intended because we moderate what is published on the website.

    We hope you enjoy using the Departure Lounge to meet your fellow travellers and continue to contribute right up to the start of your journey with Exodus.


    Are 2017 dates and prices available?

    Our experts can access lots of 2017 departures now, and we’ll be loading them on here soon. Meanwhile, you can call, email or use live chat to check 2017 dates, prices, availability and to book.


    How do I compare trips for my next adventure?

    To compare trips for consideration, you can add them to your 'Shortlist'.

    During your search for your next adventure you can save 'holidays' to your Shortlist and compare trips. For this to work correctly, you must be signed in during your 'user session'; i.e. during your time on the Exodus website. These will then be saved in your account (don't have an Exodus website account?  Sign up now!).

    The Shortlist menu item (top of every page) only appears when holidays are added. Adding holidays can be done by clicking on the 'Add to shortlist' with the 'Heart' symbol on any 'Holiday' page above the 'At a Glance' section, or in the 'holiday' panels within Search Results pages, or in the 'You might also like...' section at the foot of the trip page viewed. The selected holidays will be saved into your account for consideration and can be removed there, as well as from the 'compare trips' page from the menu link located at the top of every page.

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