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  • Small Adult Group
  • Food

    • No food included. On hotel based tours, you will usually eat out in local restaurants. To help you budget for your meals on average hotel breakfasts cost from $6-$12, lunches from $8-$15 and dinners from $13-$30; this does not include alcoholic beverages. Wine costs approximately $5 per glass and beer $4 per bottle. Please also be aware that a tip of approximately 15%-18% is added to group meals in North American restaurants.


    • Accom: hotel/lodge
    • Adult group
    • Culture & Discovery
    • Walking & Trekking
    • Guided Group
    • Food

      • No meals are included on this trip. On hotel based tours, you will usually eat out in local restaurants. To help you budget for your meals on average hotel breakfasts cost from US$6-12, lunches from US$8-15 and dinners from US$13-30; this does not include alcoholic beverages. Wine costs approximately US$5 per glass and beer US$4 per bottle. Please also be aware that a tip of approximately 15%-20% is added to group meals in North American restaurants. Applicable taxes will also be added to all listed menu prices. Your Tour Leader may offer your group the option to operate a ‘lunch only’ food kitty, this has proven to be a popular alternative to three daily restaurant meals. Leaders will fully explain this option while on your tour, and the whole group will have to agree for this system to run. Please make sure we are aware of any special meal requirements before travelling.
  • 1

    Start Las Vegas

    Welcome to the neon city in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas. This brash, iconic city offers travellers the chance to explore the over-the-top casinos, see a show, shop or simply indulge in a spot of people watching. A welcome meeting will be held at approximately 6.00pm in the evening with free time afterwards to explore the cityscape at night and see the neon lights in all their glory.

  • 2

    To Zion N.P.

    After leaving Las Vegas we will be driving through the Mojave Desert for just over three hours into the State of Utah and your destination for today, Zion National Park. Zion Canyon was named by the early Mormon settlers of Utah who thought of it as their ‘promised land’. Some of the best hiking in the desert terrain of southwest USA can be found here, in and around the fertile Virgin River Gorge. With two nights here, you will have plenty of time to explore. Upon arrival your leaders will take you on a walk by the narrows, a stunning water channel where you will no doubt get wet, but you’ll witness some outstanding scenery, making it the perfect introduction to your American adventure. If you want to continue up the narrows, you will need to bring wetsuit style booties with you.

  • 3

    Walking in Zion N.P.

    With a full day to further explore the delights of Zion National Park there are various hikes to choose from, ranging from easy to strenuous. You can warm up your legs by walking on one of the shorter, but equally beautiful trails from the valley floor to view the magical Emerald Pools. You can also cool off from the summer sun by exploring the Riverside Walk. The challenging option is to ascend 760 metres (2500 feet) to experience unbeatable panoramic views of the entire national park from the top of Angels Landing.

  • 4

    To Bryce Canyon, afternoon hike.

    Driving out of Zion National Park you’ll climb in elevation to almost 8000 feet and traverse a high plateau to Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon is a fascinating natural amphitheatre of pink, orange and white sandstone spires, known locally as ‘hoodoos’. There are a variety of scenic overlooks and trails that range from easy to moderate in difficulty. The Navajo or Peek-a-Boo Loop trails will enable you to hike right in amongst these unique rock formations with your tour leader. Some of you may prefer to remain on the rim and photograph the ever-changing shadows and hues as the sun makes its way across the wide-open sky. The inspiring `hoodoos’ will make a lasting impression and leave you yearning for more.

  • 5

    To Moab via Goblin Valley; walking in Arches N.P.

    Observe the obscure rock formations of Goblin Valley State Park before arriving at Arches National Park. Stunning red sandstone arches have been created by millions of years of wind whipping down the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. The park offers leisurely hikes through spectacular sandstone landscapes with intriguing names like the Devil’s Garden. One of the more widely recognised arches and by far the most visited is Delicate Arch, a 65 foot, freestanding arch that has become one of Utah’s most famous icons. Alternatively some of you may choose to spend the afternoon ‘off the trail’ experiencing the charms of Moab - the small eclectic town that serves as the gateway to both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

  • 6

    Walking in Arches N.P. or optional activities.

    Another day for activities within Arches N.P.

  • 7

    To Monument Valley for trekking with Navajo guide.

    Today you travel southeast on to the Navajo Nation’s greatest treasure - Monument Valley, a sacred land to those who call it home. The red sandstone monoliths have been the backdrop to countless ‘westerns’ and has since become the most photographed destination in the world. After arriving to the hotel, you set out on a spectacular, backcountry, 4WD tour, deep into the heart of the valley. After stops to photograph both the famous and lesser-known sights in the park, you come to ‘the end of the road’. Your local Navajo guide will then lead you on foot even deeper into the park to a trail’s end, where you’ll visit places that very few non-Native Americans ever to get to see. Finish your day with yet another unforgettable sunset in the valley.

  • 8

    Visit the Grand Canyon.

    On to Grand Canyon National Park, one of those rare places that no one yet has adequately described, painted or photographed in its entirety. This incredible spectacle is difficult to comprehend, even as you stand at the rim or hike down into the Canyon. Carved over several millennia, this massive wonder of nature is 445 kilometres (277 miles) long, up to 29 kilometres (18 miles) wide and over 1.6 kilometres (1 mile) deep. Snaking through the canyon floor is the mighty Colorado River, which runs 2330 kilometres (1450 miles) through seven US states and two Mexican states. Watch as the sun sets on this incredible place and attempt to comprehend the Canyon’s staggering proportions and power. There are many rim trail walks that you can enjoy using the parks transport, as well as the park ranger’s guided nature walk, or you may just wish to sit in quiet contemplation on the edge of this natural wonder. We highly recommend a scenic flight over the Canyon, which offer perspectives that you cannot see by just visiting on foot. NOTE: Grand Canyon National Park regulations limit group size and do not allow guided hikes. Your tour leaders will provide briefings, directions, and maps, but are not permitted by the National Park Service to walk with you on the trails.

  • 9

    To Sedona

    Sedona is located in the Arizona desert and is well-known for its picturesque setting. It sits nestled amongst red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls and pine forests and is noted for its arts community and mild climate. Of course your main reason to visit here is the chance hike the trails and you’re lucky because Sedona has an excellent selection to choose from. Your leaders will unlock the best hikes for you so you’ll want to have your camera fully charged!

  • 10

    Explore Sedona

    Explore Sedona

  • 11

    To Las Vegas; End.

    This morning you begin your journey back towards the desert city of Las Vegas. This incredible adventure comes to an end as you return to Las Vegas and if you fancy trying your hand at a spot of gambling, you've come to the right place! Nowhere else in the world will you find as many resort hotels, clubs and all-you-can-eat buffets, making Las Vegas the perfect place to celebrate an amazing trip. This tour ends at our gateway hotel in Las Vegas at approximately 5.00pm. We can book your post-tour accommodation if required. If you are planning to fly tonight, please do not book a flight that departs before 9.00pm.

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