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Waarom deze reis?

  • expeditiecruise naar Nova Zembla en Franz Josefland
  • zodiac cruises langs spectaculaire kosten
  • Wandelend op zoek naar ijsberen en naar adembenemende uitzichtpunten.
  • helikopterexcursies om het poollandschap van boven te aanschouwen
  • Mogelijkheid tot het zien van walvissen, beluga's, poolvossen, walrussen en natuurlijk ijsberen.
  • Zeer comfortabele en sterke ijsbreker

Deze route is nog niet definitief en kunnen nog wijzigingen in voorkomen.

  • 1

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Your journey begins in one of the most elegant cities in the world, St Petersburg. Here you will be met by a Quark representative to take you to your hotel. In the evening, a Quark Expeditions representative will host an included dinner. This will be a good opportunity to meet your fellow travelers and prepare for your upcoming journey.

  • 2

    Embarkation Day in Murmansk

    Today you catch a morning flight from St. Petersburg to Murmansk and are transferred to the port, where the Kapitan Dranitsyn is awaiting your arrival. It’s now time to put on your sea legs and set sail for Franz Josef Land! During this day at sea your onboard team of lecturers will give you a briefing on the history of the archipelago’s discovery and its fascinating wildlife. You’ll also get acquainted with the ship, your fellow shipmates and safety procedures.

  • 3

    The Barents Sea

    As you travel towards the archipelago, your day is filled with lectures by naturalists and experts on the region who provide you with a background on the incredible sights and ecology that you will soon explore. Today is also a great opportunity to spot the sea birds like Kittiwakes and Skuas that regularly pass over head.

  • 4

    Morning at Sea / Bell Island

    Spend most of your day out on deck as head towards the archipelago, arriving in late evening. Your lecturers will continue to entertain you with slideshows and lectures about Franz Josef Land, while the Expedition Team will keep you advised of any whale sightings. You’ll have your first landing today at Bell Island, where we will hike to the remarkably well preserved house built by the Lee Smith expedition of 1881. If weather permits, you’ll be treated to an outdoor picnic on the ship.

  • 5

    Northbrook Island / Hooker Island

    Exploration in this part of the Arctic is full of failed attempts to reach the North Pole and navigate these icy waters. An example is your landing site for today, Cape Flora on Northbrook Island. It was discovered by the Lee Smith expedition in 1880, but cost them their steam yacht Aira, which sunk on the coast. You’ll also visit remnants of the Jackson expedition whose extensive settlement is still largely intact. When you reach Tikhaya Bay on Hooker Island you’ll approach Rubini Rock, home to thousands of sea birds such as nesting kittiwakes. Have your binoculars and cameras ready for this impressive sight. You’ll also visit a derelict Polar station in the bay and, weather permitting, land on its shore by helicopters. Be on the watch for Greenland Whales in this area too!

  • 6

    Jackson Island

    We sail all through the night so that when you wake up you’re at Cape Norway on Jackson Island. In 1895-1896 Nansen and Johansen wintered here for over seven months after a failed attempt to conquer the North Pole. You’ll see the remains of their primitive hut here and also be on the lookout for polar bears, Belugas and Narwhals. If conditions permit, you will visit the most northern island of Franz Josef Land, Rudolf Island.

  • 7

    Stolichky and Appolonov

    Today you travel to Stolichky and Appolonov Islands. Consider this to be walrus day, as these boisterous behemoths are found in huge numbers here. You’ll take a Zodiac cruise to get close to the walrus rookeries and see them in their natural habitat. In addition to walrus and polar bear, you may also spot Bearded, Ringed or Harp Seals around these islands.

  • 8

    Wilchek Island

    Cape Geller on the Wilchek Island is your destination today. Imagine spending an entire winter here with only one other person, as two members of the 1899 Wellman Expedition did! Lucky for you, your ship will always be close by as you explore the island. Polar bears are common here and have been known to approach the ship, curiously sniffing at the odd and unfamiliar smells. Expect some of your best polar bear photography opportunities here.

  • 9

    Champ Island

    Today our goal is the picturesque Champ Island, whose ice and snow-capped mountains provide you with a different landscape for your photographic pursuits. In addition to the highest peaks in the entire archipelago, the Cape Fiume landing site offers unique photo opportunities. Here you’ll find perfectly spherical stones of up to 3 meters in diameter dotting the landscapes. Before moving on, and weather permitting, you’ll have the chance to take a helicopter excursion and land on a glacier.

  • 10

    Hall Island

    Your landing on Hall Island is at the historic Cape Tegetthoff. It is here that in 1873 the Weyprecht and Payer Expedition spotted land, which is believed by many to be the first ever sighting of what is now Franz Josef Land. This almost completely glaciered island has huge mountains and there are some wooden huts that provide you with scenic settings for photography or taking a quiet moment by yourself.

  • 11

    At Sea

    Your final full day of Arctic exploration is mostly at sea. Spend your time searching for whales or recalling the unforgettable places, historical sites and unique wildlife from the past week.

  • 12

    Disembark in Murmansk

    In the morning you’ll arrive in Murmansk and disembark. Say goodbye to the Expedition Team before catching your flight back to St. Petersburg where you have one more night in this exquisite city.

  • 13

    Departure - St. Petersburg, Russia

    It’s time to bid farewell to Russia and catch your homeward bound flight.

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