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Hi! My name is Alfred. I was born in northern part of Albania, which is the place where I live and I love it. Since a few years ago I have finished my bachelor studies. For the last four touristic seasons I am guiding mainly around Albania and also in our neighboring countries as Kosovo, Montenegro or the Republic of North Macedonia! It all started by a lovely coincidence and now I feel very much involved into the tourism and introduction of my country, Albania. Thanks of training and experience I can lead hiking, trekking and cultural tours. 

I love Albania so much because it offers basically everything. It’s a small and lovely country with a huge potential. We have beautiful mountains and very blue deep waters on the seas, we’ve got canyons and big rivers, old-deep-big lakes and friendly people. Our language proves how unique Albanians are and what important role we had on the Balkan history. I am very pleased to be a modest ambassador of my country.

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