8-daagse internationale groepsreis Oostenrijk - Sawadee

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Internationale groepsreis Highlights of Lake Constance by Bike

Explore Austria, Switzerland and Germany by bike on gentle cycling trails around Lake Constance.
8 dagen vanaf € 1.279,- (excl. vlucht)


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    • Flat and flexible cycling along beautiful lakeside paths, wildflower fields, vineyards and cherry orchards. Historical and cultural: Baroque churches, Gothic cathedrals, fairytale palaces, romantic castles. Postcard-pretty villages, half-timbered, frescoed towns, cafe-lined waterfronts and stunning mountain views. Wonderful flora and fauna en route, including kingfishers, cormorants and red-crested pochards.


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    8 dagen vanaf € 1.279,-

Route 8 daagse Groepsrondreis Highlights of Lake Constance by Bike

Hosting a huge 270km lakeside cycling path, it's a beautifully flat journey from one country to the next, where you'll take in the sights and scents of cherry orchards, wildflower fields and daisy-strewn meadows.

  1. Dag 1 - Arrive in Bregenz
  2. Dag 2 - Bregenz to Arbon 24km/15mi or 41km/26mi
  3. Dag 3 - Arbon to Stein am Rhein 42km/26.5mi or 59km/37mi
  4. Dag 4 - Stein am Rhein to Konstanz 45km/28.5mi
  5. Dag 5 - At Konstanz
  6. Dag 6 - Konstanz to Friedrichshafen
  7. Dag 7 - Friedrichshafen to Bregenz
  8. Dag 8 - Leave Bregenz after breakfast.
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