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Internationale groepsreis Nile Cruise - Premium

Discover ancient temples and tombs and travel by Nile cruise boat
9 dagen vanaf € 1.399,- (excl. vlucht)


  • All breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners included.In the itinerary we state which meals are included on which day.  We suggest you allow GBP60-90 (approx. . USD100-140) for meals not included. Food in Egypt involves such things as kebabs, chicken, stews, pitta-bread, felafel, beans, aubergine and other vegetables, pickles, salads. Dishes tend to be simple and wholesome and vegetarians can be catered for if they accept that the options may be somewhat limited.


  • Culture
  • Cultural Wonders
  • Culture Bestsellers
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9 dagen vanaf € 1.399,-

Route 9 daagse groepsrondreis Nile Cruise - Premium

Egypt has an enthralling history and a wealth of well-preserved monuments and treasures. This trip allows you to visit all the major sites and attractions along the Nile in a comfortable fashion. Boarding our cruise boat at Luxor we travel upstream, watching local life pass by, whilst also visiting the spectacular Edfu and Kom Ombo temples along the way. The lush green banks and the beautiful sunsets over the Nile, together with the excellent onboard facilities make this an unforgettable way to travel.

  1. Dag 1 - Start Cairo.
  2. Dag 2 - Visit the Pyramids at Giza, the Egyptian Museum, El Azhar Mosque and Cairo's lively bazaar.
  3. Dag 3 - Fly to Luxor; visit to Karnak and Luxor temples; free time.
  4. Dag 4 - Valley of the Kings; two days on the Nile with visits to Edfu and Kom Ombo en route.
  5. Dag 6 - Optional visit to Abu Simbel.
  6. Dag 7 - Tour of bazaar or optional excursion to Philae Temple, Aswan High Dam and Cleopatra's Unfinished Obelisk.
  7. Dag 8 - Optional visit to Nubian village; afternoon felucca ride.
  8. Dag 9 - End Aswan.
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