8-daagse internationale groepsreis Jordanië - Sawadee
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Internationale groepsreis Petra & Wadi Rum Trek

Enjoy a magical desert trek through Jordan

8 dagen vanaf € 1.749 (excl. vlucht)

Bijkomende kosten €26,25
p.p. o.b.v. 2 personen


  • Beautiful desert landscape of UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadi Rum. Traditional Bedouin camp. Famous rose-red city of Petra


  • Walking & Trekking
  • Desert Treks
  • Point-to-Point
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8 dagen vanaf € 1.749

Bijkomende kosten €26,25
p.p. o.b.v. 2 personen

Route 8 daagse Groepsrondreis Petra & Wadi Rum Trek

Some of the most spectacular desert scenery in the world is found in the south of Jordan at Wadi Rum, a place of dramatic beauty which provides an ideal environment for trekking. Millennia of erosion have formed wonderful mountains (known as jebels) that rise out of the desert sands, creating exciting terrain that we explore from the valley bottom to the jebel tops. Throughout the trip we will be accompanied by local Bedouin and we shall be camping as they do, under the stars. Our trip will finish with a day visit to the ancient rock city of Petra, a must for any visitor to Jordan.

  1. Dag 1 - Start Amman.
  2. Dag 2 - Drive to Wadi Rum; meet the Bedouin team and venture into the desert.
  3. Dag 3 - Traverse Siq el Barrah, a magnificent desert canyon with immense rock walls.
  4. Dag 4 - Trek to the arch of Burdah with optional climb.
  5. Dag 5 - On to Wadi khashkhasheh vir Um Fruth rock-bridge and Khor el Ajram
  6. Dag 6 - Leave the desert for Petra.
  7. Dag 7 - A fascinating day visiting Petra, one of the world's foremost ancient sites; then drive to Amman.
  8. Dag 8 - End Amman.
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