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  • All breakfasts, 5 picnic lunches and 4 dinners are included on this trip. Typical Meals: Breakfast in Sutjeska will be a choice of warm or cold set meal. In Sarajevo, Mostar and Dubrovnik there will be a choice between hot and cold buffet. Lunches will be picnics including bread, cheese, sausage, meat and vegetarian pate, salad, chocolate bars, cookies, trail mix, and coffee/tea. Evening meals in Sutjeska are 3 courses, and include a soup, selection of traditionally prepared meat, vegetables and a dessert. Vegetarian and special diets can be catered for, but options are limited throughout Bosnia & Herzegovina - please inform the office of any specific requirements upon booking.


  • Accom: hotel/lodge
  • Culture & Discovery
  • Trek: point-to-point
  • Walking & Trekking
  • Guided Group
  • 1

    Start Dubrovnik.

    Start at Dubrovnik Airport, where you will be met by your leader. We then transfer (about 1 hour) by road to Trebinje in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

  • 2

    Transfer to Sutjeska N.P. Walk to Donje Bare Lake, then through beech forest to summit of Ugljesin Peak (1858m), with magnificent views of the Zelengora peaks.

    In the morning we transfer to our hotel in Sutjeska National Park, before continuing to the tranquil lake of Donje Bare. After lunch we walk through a beech forest and open mountainous terrain to the summit of Ugljesin Peak (1858m), for one of the best panoramic views of the Zelengora peaks and the rock face wall of Volujak. We continue the stunning circuit back to Gornje Bare lake via the Tovamica ridge (1.5 hours) with Bosnia's highest peaks a constant companion on the horizon. We then transfer back to the hotel in the Tjentiste Valley, before an early dinner. Approx 5 hours walking.

  • 3

    Peaceful walk through the ancient beech and spruce forest of Perucica.

    A short transfer (approx 1 hour) before a beautiful and peaceful walk through the ancient beech and spruce forests of Perucica. We start walking at Dragos Sedlo, a spot with a colourful view of one of the two remaining mediaeval forests in Europe - Perucica. One of our first natural spectacles is of Skakavac, a lonely waterfall plunging 75m down into the dark forest below. We start walking at the entrance to this ancient outdoor museum and soon disappear into the magical forest of 50m high spruce and beech trees. The atmosphere created by the centuries-old trees is truly memorable. After a short break we slowly descend 600m through Black Pine forests before arriving in Suha in the heart of Sutjeska Canyon. From here we transfer back to our hotel. Approx 4 hours walking.

  • 4

    Ascent of Maglic Mountain (2386m); walk over the border to Trnovacko Lake in Montenegro before returning to the hotel.

    We transfer to Lokva Derneciste (approx. 1 ½ hours) and head for Bosnia's highest peak, Maglic Mountain (2386m), through forest and open mountainous terrain. The ascent itself will take approximately 4 hours over fairly well maintained mountain trails with steep cliffs and is by far the most demanding part of today's trek. Please note it is not recommended for anyone suffering from vertigo. Each step takes us further above the surrounding peaks until we reach the summit. Here we have lunch and enjoy wonderful views over Montenegro and of our next stop, the emerald green waters of Trnovaclo Lake. After descending to the lake in the afternoon we head for Prijevor where we meet our transfer to the hotel in Tjentiste. Approx 9 hours walking.

  • 5

    Transfer to Sarajevo; city tour and free time to explore; optional half day walk to Skakavac Waterfall.

    Transfer to Sarajevo, at the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. After a tour of the major historical, cultural and war sites in the city that will help us to piece together its complex and fascinating history, we are free to explore the city at our own pace. For those wishing to do another walk, our leader can organise a half day walk to Skakavac Waterfall. This begins with short transfer (20 minutes) to the village of Nahorevo, named after a German (Nahor) who was a shepherd hundreds of years ago in this little valley. From the foothills below Seven Sources we set off to the top of the waterfall. Skakavac is the largest continually flowing waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at 98 metres. A break and some tea or coffee later, it's time to head down thick beech forests to the base of the waterfall. This place affords a fantastic view of water, mist and forest. From here we will then find our way back through the forest back to the village, and down to the hunting lodge for a cold drink, where we end our hike. Approx 4-5 hours walking.

  • 6

    Walk in the Bjelasnica mountains with time to explore Lukomir, Bosnia's highest village (1469m).

    Today we have a full daywalk in the Bjelasnica Mountains, home of the 1984 Winter Olympics. From the traditional style Bosnian Mosque in the village of Umoljani, we walk to the seven watermills and the beautiful source used for centuries as energy to grind wheat into flour. We hug the ridge until the peak of Rakitnica opens up before us, then continue to the Cascades of Studeni Potok. Here, at certain times of the year, the stream falls 400m into the Rakitnica canyon below. Walking upstream we hit Studeni Fields and the serpent-like formations of Studeni Stream. From here we continue to Lukomir, Bosnia's highest village at 1,469m, with its ancient stecci (mediaeval tombstones) where villagers still follow a traditional way of life. On the edge of the village there is a fabulous view of Rakitnica, Obalj and Visocica. After a simple but tasty homemade late lunch we transfer back to the hotel in Sarajevo. Approx 4 hours walking.

  • 7

    Half day walk through the beautiful Rakitnica Canyon, or optional rafting along the Neretva River; transfer to Mostar.

    Today we will have the option to go rafting deep down into the Neretva Canyon or hike a beautiful ridge overlooking the Neretva and Rakitnica Canyon. The Neretva river is the emerald of Herzegovina, flowing over 200 kilometres from its source into the Adriatic Sea. In the upper canyon is some of the most beautiful rafting in Europe. The water is very calm during this time of the year, and the trip provides ample opportunity to enjoy the canyon and its unique flora and fauna. Depending on the season, there will be class 2-4 rapids. The trip lasts for 3-4 hours and costs approximately €40per person (paid locally). If, on the other hand, you decide to hike today, we will continue on to the isolated hills around Kasici village for a magical canyon walk above the Neretva river. First we will cross a suspension bridge to get the blood pumping, before descending down to meet the spectacular river itself where the rapids rush into the mouth of the relatively unexplored Rakitnica Canyon. The scenery here is truly breathtaking. After crossing another bridge at the mouth of the canyon we can rest either in one of the caves or on the numerous beaches. We return via Konjic to meet up with those who opted for the rafting. At the end of the day we continue our journey to Mostar. Approx 4 hours rafting or 4-5 hours walking.

  • 8

    Morning in Mostar, visit famous old bridge; afternoon transfer to Dubrovnik.

    We spend the morning exploring Mostar, the former oriental trading centre of Herzegovina, situated on the Neretva River. This city was regularly in the news when it was split during the conflict in the early 1990s. We will still see the scars of war, but these days Mostar is once again a warm and bustling place, with a fascinating history and architecture. We leave Mostar just before noon, to be in Dubrovnik in the early afternoon. On arrival we have free time in Dubrovnik.

  • 9

    End Dubrovnik.

    Our trip ends in Dubrovnik.

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