Er zijn 2 fietsvakanties naar Kroatië die voldoen aan jouw wensen
  • Internationale groepsreis Cycling Bosnia & Montenegro A pioneering ride through the remote mountain regions of Bosnia & Herzegovina!
    •  All breakfasts, 6 picnic lunches and 1 dinner are included on this trip. Breakfast across the Balkans usually consists of bread and pastries, dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese, cereal, eggs cooked in a variety of ways, smoked meats, honey, tea and coffee, milk and juices. Lunches will be picnics and may include bread, cheese, sausage, meat or vegetarian paté, salad, chocolate bars, cookies and trail mix. Typical Bosnian cuisine consists of ingredients such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, spinach, courgette, beans and dairy products such as milk, cheese, pavlaka (sour cream) and Kajmak (similar to clotted cream). Meat dishes usually consist of beef and lamb and specialties include cevapi, burek, dolma (stuffed vegetables with meat) and goulash. Desserts often have an Eastern influence with baklava being very popular. The alcoholic drink rakija made from apples or plums is common in this region also. Croatian & Montenegrin cuisine both share similarities to Bosnian cuisine but are also heavily influenced by Greek and Italian cuisines. Vegetarian and special diets can be catered for, but options are limited throughout Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro - please inform the office of any specific requirements upon booking.
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    • Road Cycling
    9 dagen
    vanaf € 1.715,- exclusief vlucht
  • Internationale groepsreis Cycling the Dalmatian Coast Peaceful cycling routes along Croatia's spectacular Dalmatian coastline
    • All breakfasts are included throughout. For breakfast you can expect a continental buffet serving a wide selection of food from cold meats, cheeses, bread and eggs to pastries, yoghurts, jams and fruit as well as tea and coffe. Croatian cuisine is a mixture of fine seafood, grilled lamb, pizza, pasta and salads, with influences from Central Europe, Italy and other parts of the Balkans.
    • Cycling
    • Cycling Bestsellers
    8 dagen
    vanaf € 1.195,- exclusief vlucht
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