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Internationale groepsreis Galapagos Voyage: Pirates & Darwin - Premium Adventure

Discover the Galapagos National Park from the comfort of the premium MV Evolution

9 dagen vanaf € 9.540 (excl. vlucht)

Bijkomende kosten €26,25
p.p. o.b.v. 2 personen


  • Wildlife Holidays
  • Marine Wildlife
  • Birdwatching
  • New Wildlife Holidays
  • Highlight

    • — Enjoy a full week of expedition cruising in the Galapagos Islands, with two landing sites visited every day, focusing on the east and west — Immerse yourself in the diverse scenery with guided nature walks, snorkelling excursions, Zodiac rides and use of kayaks — Sail on the MV Evolution, an intimate yacht featuring the most public space and largest cabins of any yacht in its class — Discover the rugged highlands of Santa Cruz to see giant tortoises in their natural habitat — Enjoy the best guest-to-guide ratio (10:1) in the archipelago with all guides Level III certified — Learn about extraordinary local conservation efforts at the Charles Darwin Research Station


    • Family
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    9 dagen vanaf € 9.540

    Bijkomende kosten €26,25
    p.p. o.b.v. 2 personen

Route 9 daagse Groepsrondreis Galapagos Voyage: Pirates & Darwin - Premium Adventure

The Galapagos Islands are a treasure meant to be experienced with a group of true nature enthusiasts. The MV Evolution, a premium yacht, is the perfect spot to relax between daily hiking and snorkelling excursions, or for joining fellow travellers for a briefing by our knowledgeable naturalist guides. During our premium Galapagos Islands cruise, find yourself just inches from giant tortoises, comical blue-footed boobies, sea lions, penguins, iguanas and many other animals, and gain an appreciation for how remarkable life on Earth can be. Voyage the famed waters of the Galapagos amid the spectacular landscapes and distinct endemic wildlife that so intrigued Charles Darwin. From spouting whales crossing the Bolivar Channel to waved albatrosses nesting along the Española cliffs, you’ll experience the undeniable wonder of these enchanted isles.

  1. Dag 1 - Arrive Quito
  2. Dag 2 - Quito/Baltra/Daphne Major
  3. Dag 3 - Isabela Island/Fernandina Island
  4. Dag 4 - Isabela Island
  5. Dag 5 - Bartolomé/Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay
  6. Dag 6 - Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach/Rabida Island
  7. Dag 7 - Santa Cruz Island
  8. Dag 8 - Española Island
  9. Dag 9 - San Cristóbal Island/Quito
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